School Council

Welcome to the
School Council!

Chosen Charity for the Year 2017/18 - Warwickshire Young Carers.

The School Council have members from Year 1 up to Year 6.  We have been elected by our classmates and our job is to be the voice of the pupils in our school.

So far this year we have chosen the school charity, Warwickshire Young Carers, as well as meeting visitors to Birchwood.  We have picked presents for our Mothers’ Day sale and elected to hold a WWF day. 

School Councillors meet regularly with Mrs Hill to discuss school issues, and Vice Councillors are invited to the important decision-making meetings.

Liam and Layton (School Councillors), and Katie (Vice Councillor) – Year 5


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Chosen Charity for the Year 2016/17 - The Buddy Bag Foundation

Chosen Charity for the Year 2015/16 - Polesworth Group Homes.