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Hazel 1

Welcome to Hazel 1!
2022 - 2023
Mrs Stockton - Class Teacher
Mrs Mills/Mrs Cook - Teaching Assistants
Summer 2
Enchanted Woodland
Come back soon to see our learning for this half term.
Summer 1
Rio de Vida
‘Everyone means everyone,’ said Elmer.
After Reading Elmer’s Special Day, Hazel class thought carefully about the importance of including everyone. We thought about adjectives that reflected how we felt when we are included. 
Today, Hazel Class have been exploring different flag designs before creating their own design.  After half term we will be using various joining techniques to make our flags from felt. 
Today we have used the bridge and claw method to chop vegetables ready to cook in the oven.  When the vegetables were cooked we mixed them with the cooked pasta, pesto and mayonnaise.  We agreed that the pasta and vegetables were very ‘tasty’!
The focus of our Science lesson was trees and understanding the difference between deciduous and evergreen. We also discussed the different parts of a tree and looked carefully at the different leaf shapes and colours. 
After reading the book ‘Maybe Something Beautiful’, by  Isabel Campoy and Teresa Howell, we were inspired by Mira’s story.  Mira showed how art can transform and unite a community.  We learned that King Charles III’s values include caring for the environment and encouraging communities to work together.  We decided that together as a Year 1 community we would create a collaborative piece of art inspired by nature and the Union Jack flag.
As part of our coronation celebrations, we took part in Forest Schools with Mrs Smith.  Together we made flower bombs and our very own clay pebble keepsakes.  We had a fantastic time.
Obrigado amigos!  What a wonderful class assembly Hazel 1! There was singing, samba dancing, poetry (The Rhythm of Life) & acting from the story ‘The Sock Thief’.  You should be proud of your performance. You are all stars!
Today in PSHE, we have been learning about needs and wants.  We discussed the things we need that we can’t live without and things we want that we can live without.  We all had different thoughts but discussed our reasons for our choice with our group. 
Hazel Class have been exploring mixing colours, using thin and thick brushes and creating geometric shapes in the style of Paul Klee’s painting Castle and Sun. 
To begin our new theme, this half term, in Hazel Class, we have started reading The Sock Thief’ by Ana Crespo.  Before we read it we made predictions based on the front cover about what we thought the story could be about.
Spring 2
In Geography, Hazel have been learning how to follow a map.  We followed the route by looking carefully at the pictures on our map and spotting the features in our playground.  We followed the route and ticked each feature as we arrived at it.  Well done Hazel!
Hazel class have been leaning about the different ways we can communicate using ICT. We have been using purple mash to create a poster about keeping passwords safe. Next, we are going to edit our posters by adding a background! 
What an amazing day Year 1 have had at Tamworth Castle! We have trained to be a knight, we helped the Lady of the Castle to dress the table ready for a banquet, we visited the dungeons and we saw an amazing view from the tower! Well done Year 1!
Some of our wonderful pictures of Isabel from our whole school text ‘The Invisible’ by Tom Percival.  Even Tom Percival agreed we had done a ‘great job’.  Well done Hazel! 
Hazel class have been investigating all the different ways we can make half of a square. Once we found a way, we checked that each part was about the same size. 
Today, Year 1 had a visit from GXO and had fun exploring their truck.  We found out that the trucks wheels are nearly as tall we are, it costs £600 to fill the tank with diesel and when we went into the cab we realised the driver can only see some places on the road around them so we have to be very careful.

Today, we created a book blanket in Hazel Class.  We looked through the books and decided which books we wanted to keep in our book corners and which ones we didn’t want to keep.  We really enjoyed spending some time looking through lots of different books.  The books we looked through included fiction, non fiction and poetry. 


Happy World Book Day from year 1! Today we have read together, sang songs, recited poems, created reading rivers, completed activities linked to our whole school text ‘The Invisible’ & dressed up as our favourite characters.
Spring 1
No Place Like Home
Hazel 1 Dojo Winner - Autumn using her golden coin to collect her book from our vending machine.  Autumn decided she would like a non fiction book. 
In DT we have been exploring structures.  We found lots of strong and stable structures in our trim trail and around our playground, including climbing frames, the shelter, benches and the shed.  We discussed the structure’s purpose, what it was made from and who used it.  Later this week we are going to use our learning about what makes a good structure to make a chair for baby bear as Goldilocks has broken his favourite one!
During our writing lessons we have been piecing together the parts of a sentence.  We constructed our sentences ensuring they included a sentence opener, an adjective and a noun.
As part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’, Hazel 1 made a paper chain to symbolise our connection to one another and though we’re all different we all support one another. Neve said she feels calm by 'taking a deep breathe and counting'.
In Hazel class, number day was centred around the story book ‘The Jolly Postman’.  We played a game ‘most post’, we ordered the number of letters the Jolly Postman had delivered and we also had a game of ‘fairytale imposter’.
As part of National Story telling week, Hazel class have been taking lots of opportunities to share a book.  
'I love story time because you get to relax and listen to a story,' Jaxson.
Hazel class have been testing their knowledge of common animals during our science lesson.  We classified and grouped the animals lots of different ways .. these included groups  based on their features, where they live and what they eat!
Today in PE we have been practising our balances and rolls.  We had lots of fun putting together our own routines and performing these to the rest of our class. 
This week, Year 1 have been retelling the story of ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs.  Before writing our story ending, we had lots of fun role playing the final few pages of the book!
Today we role played a story to help us understand how wildlife habitats are being reduced because of human actions. In our story the newspaper represented the hedgehog’s habitat, but the newspaper/habitat slowly disappeared as trees were cut down, litter was dropped, houses were built, and leaves/grass were removed.
Today, we have learned that an algorithm is a precise set of step-by-step instructions that describes exactly how a task needs to performed.


We listened to the Hokey Cokey song.  The song tells people exactly how to perform a dance. We identified the pattern and predicted what came next in the song and when our teacher accidently dropped the cards on the floor, we helped to debug the algorithm by putting them back in the correct order.


Hazel class have been exploring which resource they prefer to use when ‘making ten’.  
Theodore, 'I prefer the bead string because the beads don’t move about and I can see the group of ten.'
After finding a note from Goldilocks on Wednesday, asking for instructions to make porridge, Hazel class visited the food tech room today to learn how to make it.  Next week, we are going to write instructions for Goldilocks!

Today, we had a mysterious visitor in school.  The visitor had eaten a bowl of porridge and had left year one a note asking for instructions of how to make it because it was so tasty.  Our only clue was an initial G at the end of the letter. 


Autumn 2
School Days
Year 1 were very excited today to receive their winter books.
Tova said, 'Thank you team Birchwood' and Theodore added, 'These books are great.'
Our parent/teacher association kindly donated the funds to buy all our children a winter book each and we think our smiles tell a story of how happy we are with them!
Year 1 had an enchanting visit to Polesworth Abbey.  The children paid their taxes in return for a badge and then wrote their names on the census.  We then followed the signs to Bethlehem, where we met Baby Jesus.  
Scan the QR code to see photos of our day.
We travelled back to the Victorian era to learn about what school was like then.  We paid our school pence, we sat in rows, completed drill exercises and stood when an adult entered the room to show respect.  The teachers were a little strict but we had lots of fun learning about the differences between then and now.  
Hazel 1 had a visit from the Fire Service today.  They taught us how to stay safe in case of a fire.  We learned to ‘stop, drop and roll’, we learned that we should always have a grown up with us when using the cooker and we got to try on some of their uniform!
This half term, in art, we are learning about the Austrian artist/architect Friedrich Hundertwasser.  We have discussed two of his paintings ‘Park’ and ‘Waiting Houses’. We recreated our own versions of trees using the spiral patterns and bright colours he is famous for. 
As part of anti-bullying week, we listened to a Now Press Play experience which encouraged us to think about how we can work together and all be friends.  
This half term Year 1 are looking into the past.  We are on an adventure back to the Victorian times.  This week we were sent a memory box that had been dug up near Polesworth Abbey and we have been asked to investigate what was found inside. 
Autumn 1
Happy National Poetry Day from Hazel Class !! Today, we have had fun dressing up as describing words … we wrote them on our whiteboards to show each other. 
We had a wonderful time in Hazel class during our first week of forest school!  We played a ‘trust game’, we learnt how to stay safe when lightning a fire and we even found stick man hiding in the wooded area!  We had a fabulous time! 
After discovering a crashed spaceship we spotted a passport in the bush nearby!  Hazel class found out that the spaceship belonged to a friendly alien called Beegu.  We wrote a letter to Beegu and she wrote back!!  We also decided to take photos of the crash scene using iPads, then we shared the photos with each other using the ‘swipe function’. 
Welcome to Chestnut and Acorn!
2021 - 2022
Miss Lowe/Mrs Smith - Class Teachers
Mrs Tweed/Mrs Spong - Teaching Assistants
Summer 2
Mad About Minibeasts

When we visited Ash End Farm, we explored the creepy critters and held snakes, lizards and a tortoise. Then we went to see goats, alpacas and cows grazing in the fields. We met Steve the man who looks after the birds of prey and learned all about owls. Did you know owls have no noses?!

After lunch we fed a whole range of goats, cows, sheep and even held some baby chicks and ducks. Some lucky children had a special treat because it was their birthday and had a special "happy chick day" song sung to them with chicks that hatched that morning!

The first Sports Day we have been able to have for reception children in 2 years! Every child in reception took part in every event and we were cheered on by so many parents, grandparents and carers. Every single child managed to get at least one 1st, 2nd or 3rd place sticker over the course of the afternoon, which is an amazing success for not just their house teams but for them personally. Well done Reception!!
Summer 1
The Sights and Sounds of Africa
This half term our learning has focused on Africa and making comparisons to life in our country. We began our learning focusing on the key text 'Anna Hibiscus' Song' where the children followed a recipe to make pounded yam.
We had to mash the yam up, it was hard," Lucie.
'It was a bit weird; I didn't like it," Euan. 
We then took our learning outside the classroom to practise some of the movements we deemed to be proud of. We explored running, hopscotch, skipping ropes, hula hoops and ball skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their strengths with the rest of the class as well as the teachers. 
To complete our learning about Africa we had an African Drumming workshop, exploring beats and rhythm within music. We counted out the syllables and beats within words while listening to a story all about Sammy the Spider and his many friends.
Spring 2
 Dinosaur Stomp
Reception have had a very exciting couple of weeks as we received a special parcel. In line with our learning about Spring and new life, we have had the exciting experience of watching chick's hatch. We have since enjoyed learning about caring for chicks, watching and observing their behaviour and most importantly, having a little cuddle.
Children were greeted this morning with some mysterious footprints leading out to our outdoor area and an egg in a nest. We are going to be keeping a close eye out to see if anything happens to the egg over the next few days.
Spring 1
Winter Wonderland
When we arrived back to school after our Christmas break, we were excited to see lots of changes both outside and within the classroom. We began our learning by discussing what we already know about Winter and ice. This involved making our very own ice lollies, "they were so yummy!" The children then enjoyed exploring our first key text 'Snowflakes by Cerrie Burnell' where we were able to show our learning around ice, snowflakes and seasonal changes in a variety of ways. To finish our work on this text we made our very own tree decorations just like those in the book and went to hang them on the trees around the school grounds.
Autumn 2
Why do squirrels hide their nuts?
Chestnut class have enjoyed starting their new theme 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' and looking at all things Autumn. We began by going on an Autumn walk after being told about some strange things happening to the environment outside. We noticed things like "The leaves are on the ground. They have fell off the trees." "The leaves are yellow, red and orange." "They aren't green anymore". We also had to wear our wellington boots and coats as the weather has changed and it is now getting cold and wet.  We have then been starting to explore seasonal changes within our classroom environment. We have explored pumpkins, describing their appearance, smell and weight using our senses.  We can't wait to see what other learning we complete this half term. 
Autumn 1
 We all belong here!
We have enjoyed settling into school, learning about the school rule and routines. We have also explored people who help us both inside school and outside of school. We then moved on to learn about our key text 'Have you filled a bucket today?'