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Redwood 4

Welcome to Redwood 4!
2023 - 2024
Miss Purdy/Mrs Hill - Class Teachers
Mrs Williams/Mrs Komuszynska/Mrs Bradford - Teaching Assistants
Summer 2
Living Things and their Habitats
Year 4 (including the staff) absolutely loved their rock concert! It was a great reward for their constant efforts in 'Battle of the Bands' on Times Tables Rockstars and for learning their times tables so diligently.
Redwood were extremely lucky to have Mr Bailey working with them as a reward for winning the Year 4 ‘Battle of the Bands’ times tables tournament. He showed them how to use Microbits, along with their knowledge of electrical circuits, to create a working ‘electric’ guitar.
Summer 1
We were inspired by the art of Yayoi Kusama and our learning about the Vikings to design and create these fabulous, decorative brooches out of clay.
The final Consumer Club session compared a range of cheese and tomato pizzas. Unanimously, the cheapest pizza was voted the tastiest (although the adults did not agree with this one). Once again, we discovered that the most expensive item is not necessarily the best.
Session 6 of ‘Consumer Club’ compared a range of jelly babies. Most expensive brand, Maynard’s (usually priced at £1.65) turned out to be the least favourite. Most of the consumer club felt that whilst coming in at third place, the closeness of the vote meant that ASDA jelly babies would be the best value for money.
Redwood 4 took part in some practical maths to start off their ‘Measurement’ topic. They investigated choosing and using appropriate units  of measure for capacity, length and mass.
Session 4 of ‘Consumer Club’ compared a range of chocolate Bourbon biscuits. This was our toughest challenge yet as the biscuits all tasted so similar. First place this week went to the Aldi brand, which also happened to be the cheapest.
During session 5, the ‘Consumer Club’ compared a range of cornflakes. Once again, the most expensive brand did not result in being the favourite, with Kelloggs only coming in as fourth favourite.
Redwood 4 have enjoyed using the Purple Mash text-based coding language 2logo during their computing lessons to create a range of shapes and patterns. They learned the common commands and then composed algorithms to create mathematical shapes. Finally, they investigated the most efficient ways of drawing shapes and patterns using the  ‘Repeat’ command and building procedures.
As part of this half term’s ‘Viking‘ topic, Redwood 4 have been working hard with their writing skills. They created some brilliant Kenning poems and exciting Viking sagas.
As part of their BASE activity, the Year 4 ‘Consumer Club’ will be comparing a range of different food products. They will look at branding and packaging, predicting which product is the most expensive before taking part in a very thorough tasting session.
For their first session, they compared a range of tomato ketchup sauces. While they didn’t all agree on the order of their favourite sauces, they were surprised that the most expensive (Heinz) was not the brand that they found the tastiest. 
For their second session, the ‘Consumer Club’ compared a range of chocolate bars. Nearly everyone predicted that their favourite would be Cadbury but unanimously, Lindt came out on top. After comparing prices, they felt that third favourite, Tesco, was the best value for money.
Session three of ‘Consumer Club’ compared a range of ready salted crisps. Again, we had some surprises over which was our favourite. ASDA crisps came up on top and were a whopping  £1.15 cheaper than second place Walkers.
Spring 2
Take One Author: Michael Morpurgo
Redwood 4 used equipment to replicate the functions of the digestive system during their science lesson. This helped to support their understanding and develop their scientific explanations.
After eight weeks of following the Fishkeeper Fry programme, Redwood 4 have set up an aquarium, welcomed Cherry Shrimp, Nerite Snails, Platies, Corydora, Neon Tetras and a Clown Pleco, safely cleaned and checked water levels and been awarded their diploma of fishkeeping.
As part of their Design Technology cooking project, Redwood 4 used the claw and bridge technique to cut and slice vegetables. They also blanched and peeled tomatoes and crushed garlic. The result was a delicious Ratatouille.
Redwood 4 had a lovely afternoon visiting Polesworth library and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the wonderful selection of books. They also had chance to revise some of their geographical knowledge during the journey by looking out for the human and physical features around the River Anker.
During their Forest School sessions, Redwood 4 learned about the respect position to help them stay safe when lighting fires. They then safely started their own fires using flint and steel. Next, they safely used potato peelers to help them whittle wood which they then used to help them build miniature shelter structures.
During their science lessons, Redwood 4 have been learning about the different types of teeth they have in their mouths and what their main purpose is. They also investigated the main causes of tooth decay and looked at how thoroughly they were brushing their teeth with the help of some disclosing tablets. Finally, they made some predictions about which liquids might be most harmful to our teeth using eggshells to represent the tooth enamel.
'I predict that the cola will  cause the most damage because it is fizzy and contains lots of sugar,' Lucas.
'I think that the tea will stain the eggshell as tea can stain teeth,' Freya.
'I think that the milk will make the eggshell stronger because it contains calcium which is good for our teeth,' Sam.
'I think the vinegar will crack the eggshell because it contains acid,' Harry B.
'I predict that the orange juice will crack the eggshell and create holes as it contains lots of citric acid,' Daisy S.
'I don’t think that the egg in the water will be affected as water does not contain anything harmful to our teeth which is why it is good to drink and rinse our mouth with,' Sorana.
Redwood 4 started the new half term by getting in touch with their creative sides and participating in an art day. They explored the work of artist Claude Monet, observing how he uses the techniques of ‘broken colour’ to achieve his Impressionism style of art. They investigated and tested some of these techniques before recreating his famous painting, ‘The Japanese Footbridge’. As you can see, the results were amazing.
Spring 1
Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers

Redwood 4 have had lots of fun completing the first half of the ‘Fishkeeper Fry‘ project. After setting up the aquarium, we now regularly test the water to ensure it is safe for living creatures. We have been particularly excited to welcome four Platies who have joined our five Cherry Shrimp. They all seem very happy in their new home and we can’t wait to find out which fishy friends will be joining them next.

Redwood had a fantastic time at Carsington Water. They took part in a river study to find out whether it would be a suitable habitat for a water vole by measuring the width of the river, the depth of the river and the speed of the river flow. Later, in the Wildlife Centre, they learned how to read OS maps and use grid references to find different locations.
We have had lots of fun exploring different materials as part of our ‘states of matter’ science topic. We have investigated changing states through melting and observed the properties of unusual substances to justify their state.
To celebrate National Storytelling Week, Redwood 4 delivered a fabulous class assembly involving a range of our favourite story characters, songs and a poetry recital.
This half term, Redwood 4 have been taking part in the Fishkeeper Fry project which 
links science and PSHE subjects while teaching us how to look after a range of tropical fish. So far, we have set up the aquarium, tested the water, added plants and introduced 5 Cherry Shrimp to their new environment. We can’t wait to meet more of our fishy friends.
Autumn 2
As part of their music topic, Redwood 4 had fun using percussion instruments to explore making sounds to accompany the Pink Panther soundtrack.  They then experimented creating soundtracks for their own sketches.
Redwood 4 enjoyed receiving their winter book gifts and couldn’t wait to make a start on them.
We made these amazing light-up Christmas cards as part of our Design Technology lessons. We designed our own card and created circuits including a homemade switch. They’re sure to brighten up the recipients’ Christmas!
During our science lesson, we looked at how sound travels through a medium to our ear. We then investigated whether we could hear sounds through solids and liquids.
Redwood 4 followed the Birchwood poetry trail, which led to many wonderful poems written by children in our school across each of of our year groups. Each poem focused on a theme linked to our one school rule ‘Consideration and Respect’.
As part of our Design Technology project, we created a variety of  gingerbread biscuits to sell at our Christmas Fair. We used skills of weighing, mixing, rolling and cutting to make them and used our artistic creativity to decorate.

Redwood 4 were visited by The History Squad and took part in an Anglo-Saxon workshop lead by Saxon, Haydn. They learned fascinating facts about Britain during the early Middle Ages. They later enjoyed looking more closely at the weaponry used during the era and had great fun testing the strength of the steel and wood.

Autumn 1
Roman Britain
To finish off their science topic on electricity, Redwood 4 used their knowledge of creating circuits, electrical insulators and electrical conductors to build their own circuits including hand-made switches.
As part of their art and design project, Redwood 4 enjoyed designing and making their clay sculptures inspired by ancient Roman vessels and the artist and sculptor Elizabeth Fritsch.

Scan the QR codes to watch us demonstrating some of our sculpting skills including creating coil pots, scoring and using slip to attach clay pieces and engraving to decorate.
As part of their DT learning, Redwood 4 made a fantastic fish pie. They practised skills such as peeling carrots and potatoes, grating the zest of lemons, mashing, measuring and using the bridge and claw techniques to chop and slice. They also enjoyed eating it.
'This is so much better than my mum’s cooking,' Nathan.
'I’ve never really tried fish before but I like it in this pie,' Theodore.
'This was really tasty. I’m definitely going to try making it at home with my family,' Harry.

To support our history topic of ‘Roman Britain’, we visited Lunt Fort in Coventry. We spent some time in the granary, which housed the museum, where we learned about the lives of soldiers at the fort. Here, we were given the opportunity to handle Roman objects and discover more about the nature and function of Roman armour and weapons. We then visited the gyrus. Led by our uniformed commander, we experienced life as a Roman soldier including touring the fort and taking part in battle drills where we used wooden swords and shields to practise authentic Roman military manoeuvres.

Scan the QR codes to see us transform into Roman soldiers and learn how to fight.

Redwood 4 really enjoyed spending some time with poet Ash Dickinson. He shared some of his own poetry with us and inspired us to create our own haikus and poems inspired by the local Elizabethan poet Michael Drayton.

Scan the QR code to listen to Ash Dickinson’s poetry performance
Redwood 4 loved working with artist Darrell Wakelam, creating some fabulous pieces of artwork to display around our school and practising lots of new art techniques.
To begin our new topic about ‘Roman Britain’, we started by joining a Roman Bootcamp, where we began our training to become Roman soldiers. We pushed ourselves to the limit with long-distance jumping, marching distances, spear throwing and chariot racing whilst also applying our mathematical knowledge of measure to real-life situations.
We then visited ‘Birchwood’s Roman Museum’, where we explored a range of real ancient Roman artefacts including fragments of various ancient pots, Roman coins, an oil lamp, bronze broach and an iron stylus. These helped us to make deductions about what life was like in a Roman times.
Finally, after researching what made the Roman army so powerful, we put our Bootcamp training to the test and created our own Roman army legions, where we practised some of the famous ‘Orb’, ‘Testudo’ (Tortoise) and ‘Wedge’ formations.
Welcome to Oak 3!
2022 - 2023
Mrs Brelsford - Class Teacher
Mrs Calloway/Mrs Whitlock - Teaching Assistants
Summer 2
Take One Author
Willy Wonka asked us to create a healthy snack he could produce at his factory so we decided to use the same thing for our Farmers Market. First Year 3 conducted research and a questionnaire to find out what would be best thing to sell at the Farmers Market. They found that chocolate covered fruit was the best option. When designing the packaging for our product we looked at different shell structures to decide what would be best. We decided to use the net of a cube. We then used computer aided design to plan and make the boxes for the chocolate covered fruit to go in. 
Year 3 loved investigating what happened to shadows at different points in the day! They also enjoyed investigating what happened to a shadow when the light source was at different distances from the object. 
On Thursday 8th June Year 3 visited Cadbury World in Bournville. They had a wonderful day exploring the factory. They learnt all about the journey of the cocoa bean, how John Cadbury started out in Bull Street making hot chocolate, how chocolate is made and also got to taste some very delicious chocolate! They also enjoyed visiting the 4D cinema and went on a whirlwind adventure with Freddo the Cadbury frog and the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny. A fantastic day was had by all!
Summer 1
Ancient Greece
Visit this fascinating European country with us and find out about the weather, landscape, landmarks and culture. Travel back to Ancient Greece to discover how our lives today have been influenced by this exciting and important time in history. While we’re there, we’ll take part in some exhilarating Olympic events and discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets. Meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships. Explore the terrains of Greece, where in pure blue skies, the Sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus. Then decide your own fate when a mysterious box is found and stirs your curious mind.
Spring 2
Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

On Thursday 23rd March, Year 3 enjoyed a fun-filled day at Birmingham Thinktank. Pupils were able to explore all the areas of the Thinktank, including the ‘Future’ gallery, ‘Our World’ gallery, ‘We Made It’ Gallery and ‘The Past’ Gallery. The children were certainly fascinated by all the areas and were amazed by the Spitfire and Hurricane World War Two planes hanging from the ceiling in the museum! The Science Garden was great fun, as the pupils learnt about pushes and pulls, engineering, mechanics and transportation. The ‘human hamster wheel’ was also a big hit with the children!

A fantastic day was had by all!

Oak 3 loved visiting the new and improved library this half term! 
'The non-fiction books in the Geography section is one of my favourite parts. I love learning about different countries,' Lucas. 
'I like looking for books based on Titanic in the History section,' Thomas.
'I just love reading!' Summer.
'Stories about animals are some of my favourites,' Martha.


Come and join us on a magnificent adventure where we discover what is beneath our feet. We learn all about soils and different types of rocks. We follow the adventures of the famous fossil hunter - Mary Anning. Year 3 also meet Charlie. Charlie loves a challenge - he's addicted to video games and an expert at figuring out how to get to the next level. But sometimes the real world can seem a bit dull. Then he finds himself on the slopes of an active volcano, with red-hot lava heading his way!
Spring 1
Forces, Magnets and Metals
Year 3 really enjoyed the assembly and workshop with Sarah from the Dog's Trust. They learned how to be safe around dogs and about being a good role model for other people!  
We arrived back to school to lots of different metal objects lying around. We also found 'The Iron Man' text! We used our scientific enquiry skills to sort and classify the different bits of metal into a variety of different categories. 
Hogarth and The Iron Man from our key text ‘The Iron Man’ are our guides through our Forces, Magnets and Metals theme. We learn all about different metals and what they are used for, explore magnetism and how this works, along with focusing our scientific investigations on forces.
Autumn 2
Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
To finish the year off Year 3 made Christmas cards for their families and created a calendar ready for 2023. 
The Year 3 team and children would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!
What a lead up to Christmas it has been! 

Firstly, we are so proud of Year 3 for their successful Nativity performance with Year 4 on Monday! The actors and singers all did a fabulous job! 

The children created hot chocolate reindeers with marshmallows which went down a storm at the Christmas Fair! 

The children all got into the festive spirit when opening their Winter books gifted to them by school. There were so many excited children who could not wait to start reading their books and have not put them down since opening them! 


Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying the class text 'Stone Age Tales: The Great Storm' by Terry Deary. The story takes place in Skara Brae, over 5000 years ago! Year 3 have used atlases to locate the fascinating, prehistoric village of Skara Brae. The children learned that the preserved Neolithic village was uncovered in 1850 by a great storm which exposed the site and then in 1860s archeologists dug further to uncover four buildings. 


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Stone Age Day! The children became junior archaeologists when visited by Dr Ian Parker-Heath. They dug up and then researched interesting artefacts from the Stone Age (Palaeolithic - Old Stone Age, Mesolithic - Middle Stone Age and Neolithic - New Stone Age), Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The children then tried to put together broken bits of artefacts to recreate the original object.  They got to ground grains.  The children also created clay pots using the tools Stone Age people would have used (their hands and nails). 

Finally, the children created a timeline to help see how long ago the Stone Age was and for how long the Stone Age was. 


Throughout this half term, we go 2.6 million years back in time by reading ‘The Great Storm’ by Terry Deary. We learn about the exciting discoveries, particularly during the Neolithic period. We learn about changes in diet, tools, art and housing as we venture through to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, making comparisons to how we live nowadays.
Autumn 1
Road Trip USA

In science, year 3 have explored the topic of plants. We have learnt about the life cycle of a plant, how seeds are dispersed and what plants need to grow. The children sorted a wide variety of seeds into categories depending on how the seed is dispersed. We observed the transport of water through a stem by putting carnations in coloured water and watching the flower change colour. We completed an investigation and observed the effects on plants when we deprive them of the requirements for growth.


Year 3 performed their dance to an audience during the final week of half term. The children enjoyed learning a routine with Embody Dance to the song “New York”. They included freeze frames and canons within their routine, and learnt to tell a story through dance.


Year 3 had a great time building bridges in DT. As we are learning about the USA, we have learnt about the Golden Gate Bridge, engineered by Joseph Strauss. We began learning about different types of bridges before building triangular and square frameworks whilst learning about how to ensure a bridge is strong and stable. The children used their knowledge to build a bridge out of new and recycled materials. We tested our bridges using a toy car and evaluated the appearance and strength of the bridge.


When Year 3 returned to school we received a letter from Larry the dog and his owner Pete inviting us on a road trip around the USA. Before the adventures began we looked on a world map to see where we would be heading. We found that the USA is located in the continent of North America. We couldn’t wait to start exploring but we hit a problem! Larry kept getting lost so Pete needed out help to find him in the different states. We have already explored California, discovering the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and then we went sighting seeing around New York finding famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and much more. As we continue our journey we look forward to visiting Washington DC, Texas and then finally Los Angeles to take a walk along the iconic Hollywood walk of fame, it will be quite a journey! Along the way, we will research iconic American people, make traditional American dishes and identifying physical and human features of North America. We even have a go at designing and building our own bridges after finding out about the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. 
Welcome to Larch 2!
2021 - 2022
Mrs Clarke/Mrs Bayliss - Class Teachers
Miss Richardson - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Beside the Seaside
Larch class were lucky enough to receive some comments from the authors of Sam Silver, responding to the stories that the children have written and sent to them. 
'It was lovely to meet you on Zoom. We really enjoyed working with you all.

Thank you so much for sharing these stories with us. You’ve all worked very hard. We love the illustrations in the stories and the covers are very exciting. We would love to know what happens next to your brave heroes.

Have a great summer holiday!


Charlie Winwood

We love the title. We think it was clever to start your story with a question – ‘Have you ever met a pirate?’ It makes the reader feel part of the story immediately. We were taken to the action straight away. We like how you described the contrast between the dark cupboard and the bright deck - ‘When Nick’s eyes adjusted to the brightness’. And Nick’s dilemma with only salt water to drink was very real and made us worry for him. It was a good cliffhanger.


We think you set the scene well with Violet on the beach collecting shells when she finds the bottle. You introduced this cleverly by talking to the reader. ‘Did you think you would ever find an old rusty bottle, well Violet did.’ And ‘if you were Violet, would you believe it?’

You have written effective descriptions - ‘dark as the night sky’ ‘clouds turned grey’.

We think you built up strongly to the arrival of the Kraken and the encounter was terrifying. You used ‘show not tell’ by having Violet remember learning about Krakens at school.

Samuel Smalley

It was a clever idea to use the dog to start the action. We enjoyed reading about how the dog barked at the bottle as if it knew something was wrong. We were taken very quickly into the action. We like the way you used ‘show not tell’. Instead of just saying ‘it was bright’, you said, ‘It was so bright he could barely see’. And instead of saying Jake Sparrow was scared you wrote ‘a shiver went down his spine.’ You described the pirates very vividly and your story moved along quickly.


It was an intriguing beginning to have Maisie Silver thinking she is imagining the bottle and then finding it’s real. We like your descriptions, ‘ruby red bloodstains’ and ‘deep dark water’. And we enjoyed reading as the tension built up - ‘footsteps getting louder and louder’ ‘bandanas that glowed in the darkness.’ We were thrilled by the cliffhanger where Maisie Silver’s friends had been eaten and she was left alone.


Kraken Attack is a good alliterative title. We like how you use questions to build up the tension - ‘Where was I going to stop spinning round? Where was I going, I wonder?’ Your ‘furious pirate team’ and ‘rough fight’ are strong words that give us a great impression of movement and danger. The Kraken sounds terrifying with its ‘mouth sharper than a knife’ and the ‘deep murky water’ adds to the tension. 


We think it was clever to use Hugo sinking into the sand to go back in time. That was very original. You build up the tension by asking questions and you set the scene on the ship with good descriptions, ‘the shining sun went straight into Hugo’s eyes.’ Your pirates sound scary - and so does the Kraken. And you left us on an exciting cliffhanger with the coin missing from Hugo’s pocket.

Bobby Goddard

You took us very quickly into the action. Your pirates were scary in their ‘ripped clothes’ and armed with cutlasses and flintlock and matchlock pistols. You have given us a vivid description of the Kraken with its ‘gigantic tentacles’ and ‘powerful suckers’. And we felt the terror of losing the ship as it ‘disappeared in the darkness’. We like your cliffhanger where Steve had the coin but feared it might not take him home.'

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Weston-Super-Mare last Thursday.  Their topic is all about the coast so it was brilliant to experience the beach, see geographical features of the coast and learn about holidays of the past. The children visited the Grand Pier, played with kites and beach balls, built sandcastles, ate chips and ice-lollies, buried each other and ultimately had the time of their school lives. Many children commented that it was their best school day ever and we could tell because many bought socks full of sand and a huge smile back with them. The weather was excellent and so was the behaviour of the children with people even stopping us on the boardwalk to comment on how considerate our pupils were.  A trip that we will most certainly repeat.

Larch 2 had a royally good day solving maths problems to help the Queen find her missing brooch as well as enjoying a cake (or two) with the rest of the school on the playground. We looked very regal too! 

We were sent a top secret mission by the Queen! She sent us clues based on the human and physical features of different seaside resorts in the UK and we had to identify where on the coastline of the UK Captain Redblood had buried his treasure. After looking at maps we discovered it was at Weston-Super-Mare! We are very lucky as we will also be visiting the seaside resort later this half term as a thank you for all our hard work.   

Summer 1
Land Ahoy!

During Summer 1, Year 2 had a swashbuckling pirate day! We met Captain Jake from ‘The History Squad’ who taught us lots of interesting facts about pirates! To begin with he made sure we were familiar with special pirate vocabulary such as ‘stern', 'bow', 'port' and 'starboard'. Captain Jake then gave us orders of jobs he needed us to do on the ship. We climbed the rigging, swabbed the deck, hoisted the Jolly Roger and dropped the anchor. Captain Jake then showed us different pirate artefacts. We held gold doubloons, pieces of eight, different types of pistols, a cutlass and a 300 year old canon ball! Captain Jake then taught us about famous pirates in the ‘Golden Age of Piracy such as Captain Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack! Year 2 loved their pirate day and would like to say a big thank you to ‘The History Squad’.  

Sam Silver Undercover Pirate: Skeleton Island was our driving text for Land Ahoy! This book is written by the wonderful author Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler (who have written over 200 children’s book). Year 2 have loved joining Sam travelling back in time and finding himself on Captain Blade’s ship so were thrilled when they found out they had a zoom call with the authors Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler! We told them we were about to write our very own pirate adventure story and they gave us some fantastic advice. Jan and Sara were very impressed when we showed them the moving pictures (when learning about mechanisms in DT) we had made to go into our story books. They even asked us to send some of our finished books to them so they could read them. You can see some of our moving picture books and the letter we received from Jan and Sara after our Zoom call below.  

Spring 2
Under the Canopy

As part of our learning on rainforests we visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. Here we were able experience what a rainforest is like and learned about lots of different types of plants too. The trip also helped us with our artwork linked to Henri Rousseau as he was also inspired after visiting the Botanical Gardens in Paris.  

We read 'There's A Rang Tan in my Bedroom' and found out all about the orangutans in the rainforest and how their homes are being destroyed because of palm oil. We then made orangutan friendly cereal bars in DT that used honey instead of palm oil and wrote a speech asking for companies to be responsible when growing palm oil. We also wrote non-chronological reports about orangutans too. In Geography we have been learning about the location of the world's rainforests and what the climate is like there and around the Equator. In our dance lessons we have been learning about other rainforest animals, where in the rainforest they live and how they move in different ways. 
An orang-utan has travelled all the way from the rainforest because they need our help as their home is being destroyed! We will learn all about the rainforest, the animals that live there and how we can help protect them. We will also find out why rainforests are so essential to all life on earth.
Spring 1
Muck, Mess and Mixtures

It’s time to get creative in your afternoon theme of ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’! We will be joining Roald Dahl’s George by mixing our own marvellous creations. By mixing colours and applying materials we will create our own unique masterpieces and have some fun getting messy in the process. Thinking about mess we have lots of scientific investigations to perform and we will create our own healthy recipes to form part of a balanced diet.

Autumn 2
Significant People
Year 2 had a visit from two modern day policemen today. They were able to share with them all they had learnt about Sir Robert Peel and were able to find out about policing today. We even got to see and hear the sirens!
Year 2 have been learning about the different types of Scientific Enquiry they will encounter at Birchwood. 
To help us better understand the significance of Sir Robert Peel: a former local MP, former Prime Minister and founder of the Metropolitan Police, 2 members from The Peel Society visited Year 2.
Autumn 1
Bright Lights, Big City
Silly old Paddington Bear … he packed his bags for his tea party but he spilt marmalade all over his invitation. We had to help him using our inference skills by working out where he was going and who he was visiting. 
We have been very busy ‘visiting’ the landmarks in London and designing a vehicle to help him get to the Royal Tea Party at Buckingham Palace! He can’t be late for the Queen!
Welcome to Hazel 1!
2020 - 2021
Mrs Stockton - Class Teacher
Mrs Stubbs - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
The Enchanted Woodland