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Yew 6

Welcome to Yew 6!
2023 - 2024
Mrs Brennan/Mrs Scotchmer - Class Teachers
Mrs Finch/Mrs S Spencer/Miss Richardson - Teaching Assistants
Summer 1
Spring 2
Tales of Terror

On Thursday 12th March, for the first time ever in our Trust, we (four year 6 pupils) competed against nine other schools in The Big CAT Science Quiz, located at Polesworth High School.  Some schools came to the school; other schools joined via video link. There were six rounds: The Big CAT Round, The Earth, Sun and Moon, The human Body, Reversible and irreversible changes, The Periodic table of elements and finally Inventors and their inventions.  All these rounds included eight questions that were worth one point, with one bonus question, which was worth two points. We would like to share one of our questions..... Do you know the Periodic symbol for lead? Don't cheat!  Although the questions were tricky, we tried our best, showed great teamwork and had a lot of fun representing Birchwood.

Spring 1
Frozen Kingdom

The children in Yew 6 have created some fantastic Home Learning this half term. Here is just a small selection of the great work that they have produced; ranging from sculpture, Maths and French skills, mindfulness and some great outdoor activities and visits that the children have documented. Well done Yew 6, it has been great to see some of your creative work and what you get up to outside of school to continue your learning.

The children in Year 6 have been really enjoying their History topic this half term, which has involved finding out all about Ernest Shackleton and his amazing quests to cross the Antarctic. Although Shackleton never fully realised his ambition, the Endurance voyage culminated in an incredible rescue, which went down in history. The children composed newspaper articles showing not only their amazing knowledge of the topic, but also their fantastic writing skills. Well done Year 6!

Autumn 2
World War 2
We have been working hard to develop our writing skills this half term - the children wrote emotive, descriptive flashback stories to their time in WW2. They were careful to select a variety of sentence types based on the impact they wanted to have on the reader, while attempting to keep an authentic tone when describing scenes from the war.
Oscar has completed a WW2 model for his home learning.  He has been working on it for over a term and we are pleased to see the completed project in school. Oscar says: "This model was started in June and has been my project at home. All of the parts were hand painted and each individual solider took hours to complete. The base is made from polystyrene and this was a good material to cut and construct the trenches.  For the terrain I used papier mache and saw dust."

When History Squad came to visit Year 6, we started our day dressed up in clothes relating to World War II. Some people were dressed as evacuees; other people dressed as land girls. 

Richard, from the History Squad, talked us through various weapons that would have been used in WWII: the SMLI, which was the rifle, pig-sticker, which was the bayonet and the pineapple, which was the grenade.  We even had an opportunity to handle these as well as a gas mask, knife, revolver, gas signal, bullets, stick and incendiary bomb.  He taught us about the fitness training, but later revealed that this routine was a trick!  The officers used this as a training exercise so that soldiers would follow commands, even running straight into the enemies trenches.  Unfortunately, at the start of the war, Year 5 and Year 6 weren’t able to go into the aid raid shelter as there wasn’t any room!  They had to practise listening for 3 short blasts of the whistle and then had to lay face down on the floor until one long whistle blast signalled that it was safe. 

Autumn 1
Darwin's Delight
Year 6 have had a great start to the year.  The children enjoyed 'Now Press Play' activities introducing them to our topic of Darwin's Delights which is all about evolution.
In English they have been writing and performing fantastic persuasive speeches in preparation for House Captain elections. 
We have also been busy electing Year 6 children to a host of roles in school including library monitors, eco councillors, road safety officers and play leaders. 
In music children have been composing melodies to accompany the famous race clip from 'Chariots of Fire'.  We look forward to sharing our final performances shortly. 
In maths, children have been recapping their knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction and then solving some tricky problem-solving questions. 
In PE, the class have been working outdoors on problem solving tasks and really working on teamwork and communication.  They've done a great job and applied their reasoning skills. 
Welcome to Teak 5!
2022 - 2023
Mr Hammersley - Class Teacher
Mrs Shaw/Mrs Williams - Teaching Assistants
Summer 2
Ancient Egypt 

For our final art project, we created some Egyptian inspired canopic jars. We used techniques such as scoring and slipping to create the structure of our coil pots, then decorated them using pinching techniques to create facial features and carved engravings to add hieroglyphs.

Mrs Fui has been helping us to learn to play the cello this year.  We really enjoyed showing off all that we have learned in our end of year performance to our grown ups and Sycamore 5.

After learning about the story of the Buddha and how he achieved enlightenment by following the four noble truths and the eightfold path, we were able to use role play to show our knowledge.

During this half term, Teak class have looked after and observed a group of mealworms as they underwent the process of metamorphosis to become darkling beetles.

We were able to observe the transformation of the mealworms as they pupated and hatched.

Summer 1
Materials and their Properties
Take One Author - Kwame Alexander
This half term Year 5 attended Forest School.  We learned how to approach and build a fire safely, we built our very own dens using resources we found scattered around the area and after a lesson on knife safety, we had a go at whittling a stick that we took home.  Some of us even sent Mrs Smith photographs of us doing this at home under the supervision of our grown ups. 

Teak 5 made the long journey to the North of England as part of their residential trip to Lanchester.

First, we visited the famous Angel of the North sculpture and then we travelled to Durham for a tour of the cathedral. We learned about the history of the cathedral and even got to see where some of the scenes from Harry Potter were filmed! Afterwards, we ventured outside and took part in some team building activities.

Next, we had a delicious dinner at Pizza Express and then journeyed to Lanchester Primary School for fun and games at the local park before settling down for our sleepover.

The following day, we walked around Lanchester village before departing for Newcastle. We arrived at Gateshead Quayside and learned about the history of the many bridges.

Finally, we visited St James’ Park football stadium where we took a tour of Newcastle football team’s grounds.

We had an amazing time on our trip!

Spring 2
Inventions and Industry
To finish off their theme this half term, Teak 5 travelled back in time to the Black Country Living Museum to see what life was like for the workers and miners of Victorian Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  They learned how items were cast using different metals and even created their own souvenirs using molten pewter.  They also learned about the hardships and dangers endured by the miners and experienced life ‘down the pit’.  Finally, they explored the streets of a Victorian pit village and saw how people lived in the 1800s where they observed chains being forged in an authentic Victorian blacksmith’s workshop and even visited a Victorian school.

We created William Morris-inspired wallpaper designs by designing and making our own printing tiles using patterns taken from the natural world. They turned out brilliantly!

We’ve been learning about reversible and irreversible changes this half term. We’ve learned about how mixtures and solutions are created and how they can be separated using filtering and evaporation.

Teak class learned to ‘measure twice and cut once’ this half term, as they constructed the chassis of their electrically-powered buggy. They also used chamfering and strengthening techniques to make their designs sturdy and strong.

We’ve been building some amazing throwing, catching and teamwork skills in dodgeball this half term, and have learned how to do the Haka. We also managed to plan and perform our own versions of this dance.

For World Book Day this year, Teak dressed up as their favourite book character or the character of ‘Isabel’ from the story ‘The Invisible’. They loved creating reading rivers and touring our newly-organised library!

To begin our theme this half term, Year 5 explored a range of artefacts from Polesworth’s industrial past. We learned about how our community and village have changed over the past 200 years!

Spring 1
Plague and Pestilence
Number day also consisted of us combining our measuring and mathematical skills with cookery techniques to create some delicious tomato and basil bread.
To begin our theme of 'The Black Death', we were visited by Richard from the History Squad where we learned all about the plague and the Medieval world.  Scan the QR code to see more.
Autumn 2
Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
Year 5 were lucky to be visited by and experience 'The Wonderdome' - an indoor planetarium.  Upon entering the spherical construction, they were able to fly through galaxies and visit planets, learning about their unique features and how they orbited around the Sun.  They also looked at life on board a space station, how the night and day cycle is created and how humans have explored the moon and launched missions into outer space.
Year 5 linked their maths to their topic of ‘The Solar System’ where they worked to calculate the scale of the Solar System and then used this information to ‘scale it down’. They then created their own ‘Solar System’ using toilet paper to represent the distances between the Sun and the planets, and a range of different-sized spherical shapes to show the sizes of the planets.
Last week, Year 5 brought their 'Space' topic to life through the use of augmented reality.  They used a range of augmented reality apps and resources to investigate the Solar System.
Please scan the QR code below to see a short video clip with images of the children using these fun apps.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off! This half term, year 5 are taking a journey through space. We will navigate the Solar System to investigate the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We will take a look at our Moon and learn about the high-stakes race to be the first to reach it and work scientifically to investigate gravity, and what happens when there is none. 
Autumn 1
Marvellous Mechanisms
To finish our theme of Marvellous Mechanisms’, we visited Drayton Manor Park and took part in a scientific workshop where we explored the different forces that affected the rides and conducted experiments about friction, gravity and air resistance using K’Nex. We then took our knowledge into the park where we experienced these forces for real.
To celebrate 'National Poetry Day' we worked with the poet Ash Dickinson and dressed up as our favourite descriptive word.  Can you guess what we are?
We have had lots of fun conducting some scientific enquiries to investigate different types of forces including friction, gravity and air resistance.
To kick-start our new theme, we took the plunge into the wild world of rollercoasters! We looked at the forces that make these marvellous machines work including demonstrating centripetal forces.  Luckily we all managed to stay dry!
Welcome to Pine 4!
2021 - 2022
Mrs Scotchmer/Mrs Hill - Class Teachers
Mrs Komuszynska - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Living things and their Habitats

On Thursday, Year 4 went on a brilliant trip to the Thinktank in Birmingham.  We visited many galleries in the museum during our trip, all linked to our learning in Science this year:

  • Our World Garden (including natural history collections)
  • Science Garden (renewable energy)
  • We Made It Gallery (Birmingham’s design history)
  • Move It Gallery (transport through the ages)
  • Things About Gallery (how the body works)
  • Future Gallery (robots)
  • Our Changing Planet (the impact of humans on wildlife around us)

 The children had a great time and showed consideration and respect throughout the trip.

Summer 1
Vikings and Anglo Saxons

We worked hard to create routines with counter balances for our gymnastics topics.  By the end of the half term we had perfected our balances, transitions and endings.

In Art, we have been exploring Anglo-Saxon brooches and comparing them with more contemporary styles including work from Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma – known as the ‘princess of polka dots’!

We tried to replicate similar patterns and colours to those we had seen on the Anglo-Saxon brooches. How did we do?

Spring 2
Burps, Bottoms and Bile 
Take One Author - Michael Morpurgo

This half term we have been looking at teeth and digestion in our Science lessons. We have been exploring the different types of teeth we have in our mouths and how we can look after them. We enjoyed trying the disclosing tablet to see which parts of our teeth we had missed when brushing. We ended up with very blue tongues!

Pine 4 have been finding out all about the artist Monet.  The children explored colours, by adding tints and tones.  They then investigated the impressionist technique and experimented with different brush strokes before producing their own impressionist paintings. The whole class showed great 'growth mindset' and worked hard to produce some amazing artwork. 
Spring 1
Misty Mountain, Winding River
Pine and Redwood class had a wonderful time at Carsington Water on Wednesday. The children learned all about water filtration and carried out their own experiments.    We waded into the river to investigate whether it was a suitable habitat for a vole. The children carried out experiments to calculate the rate of water flow and they also measured the depth and width of the river. The centre staff were really impressed with how knowledgeable our children were about the water cycle and commented on their excellent behaviour. 

At the start of term, Year 4 found Ashley’s backpack on the school field containing lots of things such as photographs, interesting drawings and maps of China and Japan. We used our detective and inference skills to think about why Ashley might have these things in his bag.

A few weeks in, we are now on an adventure through the snowy Himalayas with Ashley and his new friends - a group of yetis!

Autumn 2
Heroes and Villains

Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg, Varjak Paw? Someone from your family or the local firefighters? There are many heroes and heroines, but who do you admire the most?

In autumn 2, we have learnt, sang songs and created dances about infamous villains and heroes. How does it feel to do good and bad things? Which feels best and why? Can you do a good deed that changes the world? These are questions that we have discussed and debated throughout the weeks, and we have explored a range of non-fiction texts about real life heroes, with some taken from the Little People, Big Dreams series. We have also explored fictional heroes and villains in well-known stories such as Varjak Paw by SF Said.

We also had a visit from a theatre group for our Christmas pantomime, where we saw some typical heroes and villains in real life!

Well done Pine class - you have worked really hard this half term! 

Autumn 1
Emperors and Empires
Pine have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different Roman books - the children selected a book that they would like to read for pleasure, and then worked together to collect facts to share with the rest of the class. We swapped books, recommending our favourites to each other. We have started to use our new learning in the rest of our work.
Welcome to Oak 3!
2020 - 2021
Mrs Atkins/Mrs Davis - Class Teachers
Miss Dow - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2

We all had a golden ticket delivered to our doors from Mr Willy Wonka to take a journey around his world famous chocolate factory. We have followed the journey of Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Jo as they ventured through the factory. After finding out about all the trouble the other children got into, we wrote our own chapter for the story. Mr Willy Wonka asked for our help after Augustus Gloop got stuck up the pipe. After a lot of research, we decided he should turn his factory into a smoothie factory to ensure he was helping keep the children healthy. We even made and tasted our own smoothies.


Summer 1
Rocks, Relics and Rumbles

In Rocks, Relics and Rumbles, the children learnt about the different layers of the Earth, including plate tectonics and their potential effects on the Earth's surface. They investigated different types of rocks to learn about their uses and properties. They also investigated soil and fossils, including learning about the work of Mary Anning. They had the opportunity to use atlases to learn about the lines of latitude and longitude when locating the ring of fire. They learnt about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and the long and short-term consequences that these can have.


Spring 2
Gods and Mortals
Discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets. Meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships. Explore the terrains of Greece, where in pure blue skies, the Sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus. Then decide your own fate when a mysterious box is found and stirs your curious mind.
Spring 1
Mighty Metals
Hogarth and The Iron Man from our key text ‘The Iron Man’ are our guides through our Mighty Metals topic, as we learn all about different metals and how they are used. We look at magnetism and how this works, along with focusing our scientific investigations on different forces on Earth.
Autumn 2
Through the Ages
We go back, way back, 2.5 million years back in time, reading what life was like for people of the Stone Age with the help of author Terry Deary and his range of books “Stone Age Tales”. We learn about exciting discoveries, particularly during the Neolithic period, about changes in diet, tools, art and housing as we venture through to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, making comparisons to how we live today.
Autumn 1
 Road Trip to the USA


Year 3 have had a letter from Larry the dog and his owner Pete to invite them to go on a road trip around the USA. So we packed our suitcases, got on a plane and looked forward to the adventure. The problem was Larry kept getting lost so Pete needed our help to find him in the different states. We have already explored San Francisco in California, Native America and New York, we will soon be moving to Texas and then finally Los Angeles to take a walk along the iconic Hollywood walk of fame, it will be quite a journey!


Some thoughts from the children in Oak as we start a new year.
'See your friends and new teacher.' Hannah.

'Learn about good things,' Harvey.

'Seeing what new school can do,' George.

'Happy to see my friends and my new teacher,' Oscar.

'So I can go on the new playground,' James.

'Meeting new people in our class,' Alfie.

'To have all my class back with me,' Autumn.

'To meet the new people in our class,' Reneo.

'I am looking forward to going on the new trim trail,' Isabelle.


Welcome to Juniper 2!
2019 - 2020
Mrs Brelsford - Class Teacher
Mrs Whitlock - Teaching Assistant
Spring 1
Ahoy, Me Hearties!
Ahoy There! It’s time to set sail with Captain Redblood himself and join his pirate crew. Do you have what it takes to become one of his shipmates? Join Sam Silver to travel back in time to explore what life as a pirate on the open sea was really like and discover more about these famous pirate’s and their Caribbean home.
'We have to help Captain Redblood,' Jenson.
'Captain Coleman is the captain of the Birchwood's ship. That is why we found the Captain's hat outside his office,' Ryan.
'Are pirates still alive today?' Isabelle.
'I would hate to eat Hard Tack!' Chloe.
'There was a note in Juniper class from Captain Redblood,' Elsie.
'Captain Redblood asked us to find his treasure.  We knew it was covered in ice because one of the clues told us,' Arianne.
'Some of us made suggestions about where to find the treasure.  It took us about half an hour to find it.  It was in the cooking room in the freezer,' Abbey.
'My group tried to melt the ice with salt.  Other group's tried smashing it, pouring hot water on it, covering it with sand and holding a candle next to the ice,' name withheld.
'Smashing the ice worked best!' Teddy.
Autumn 2
A Twist in the Tale
Year 2 have loved the theme ‘A Twist in the Tale’ during Autumn 2.
They arrived after half term to a recorded message and a copy of ‘The Wolf’s Story’. The Wolf desperately needed Year 2’s help. Little Red had been telling lies about him so he had been banished to Fairy Tale Jail. It was our job to investigate and help find out whether the Wolf was guilty or innocent.
Along the way we have read other ‘twists’ to familiar fairy tales and ‘Inside the Villains’ to see whether the Wolf was misunderstood and to see if the Fairy Tales reveal the whole truth.  



'I love reading Fairy Tales,' Eliza.


'My favourite villain is a witch,' Edith.


'I feel sorry for the Wolf because Little Red Riding Hood was telling lies about him and he was actually telling the truth and no one believed him,' Isabelle.


'I loved reading ‘Inside the Villains’ because it told me lots of extra facts that I didn’t know about the Wolf, the Witch and the Giant,' Alfie.


'In ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ there was a brilliant description of the witch. My favourite part was ‘green spittle that came from her mouth,' Blake.


'I liked learning about the diet of wolves, their habitats and lots more interesting facts,' Oscar.


The Year 2 Infant Agility Team took part in North Warwickshire Finals alongside Warton, Shustoke and St Edwards. Birchwood were fantastic! They won the Final and all received a gold medal. Birchwood have now progressed through to the next stage of the competition competing against schools from Nuneaton and Bedworth. Year 2 cannot wait for the next competition.


We were able to take 30 Year 2 children to the NWPSSA Infant Agility Competition. All the children were brilliant and a credit to Birchwood. They used their agility, balance and co-ordination skills as well as showing they can work well as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. Birchwood won the Heat and have secured a place in the Finals towards the end of the month! We cannot wait to compete in the Finals and look forward to letting you know how we get on!
So you think you know the story of the Big Bad Wolf but what if you have got it wrong? Have you ever heard the wolf’s version of events or taken the time to hear how he feels about what happened? Perhaps Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t so innocent after all. What about the other Fairytale villains, has anyone asked them for their side of the story? Is there a twist to be found in the traditional tales?
Autumn 1
Under the Canopy
Juniper 2 have loved learning about tropical rainforests in their theme 'Under the Canopy'. We finished the theme by making our own rainforest animal masks to raise awareness of the endangered animals that live there. We can't wait to find out what our theme is next half term!
'It was really interesting learning about all the endangered animals that live in the rainforest,' James.
'I have had lots of fun learning about the rainforest,' Lillie-Mai.
'The best part of this theme was going to Twycross Zoo to see the animals,' Renao.
'It was interesting to see where in the world the rainforests are,' Harriet.
'I enjoyed learning about food chains,' Charlie.
'I couldn't believe how hot is was in the butterfly farm, it was just like  a tropical rainforest,' Ryan.
Year 2 had a brilliant time yesterday at Twycross Zoo. We learnt lots about food chains and habitats and enjoyed meeting the creatures and animals from the rainforest.
An orangutan and her babies have travelled all the way from a rainforest because they need our help as their home is being destroyed! In order to help them we need to investigate tropical rainforests. We will discover where they are found, what the climate is like there and learn all about the animals and plants that live there.