B.A.S.E - Birchwood Additional School Experiences

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Birchwood Additional School Experiences - BASE!
We are looking forward to our Summer term after school activities starting.  Children will be able to choose from a range of activities for their year group which will run in either the first or the second half of the Summer term.  Children will be able to earn their BASE badges for attending a club.
Reception: Aston Villa, Forest School, Storybox Club
Year 1: Gardening, Top Score Multisports, Collage art
Year 2: Running, Retro Playground games and chants, Board games, Top Score Multisports
Year 3: Dodgeball, Rounders, Gardening, Top Score Multisports, Football
Year 4: Embody Dance, Drama, Top Score Multisports, Now Press Play
Year 5: Cooking, Top Score Multisports, Quick Cricket, Tennis, Recorders
Year 6:  Ukelele, Art and Drawing, Top Score Multisports, Running, Rounders