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Birchwood Afternoon School Experiences - BASE!
As part of Birchwood's Rewards and Sanctions Scheme, our children have the opportunity of taking part in BASE Skills Academy every Friday afternoon.
Celebrating Positive Behaviour -
BASE Skills Academy
At Birchwood we are very keen to celebrate children who are brilliantly behaved and considerate all of the time. To reward them for being at their Birchwood Best, the children get to choose and take part in ‘Skills Academy’ to support our BASE (Birchwood Additional School Experience) programme. If pupils have followed our one school rule of Consideration all week and have tried their very best in all their learning, they will be entitled to thirty minutes of BASE skills academy time.
During BASE Skills time, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of enjoyable skills based activities of their choice, run by our fabulous teachers and teaching assistants. Skills Academy runs between 2:30 and 3:00pm in phases – Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Pupils will get to choose from a range of different skills activities in each phase including lego, football, music, art, dance, cooking and many more. They will spend the half term practicing and refining these skills during their BASE time. Each half term there will be a new set of skills activities for the children to choose.
There are many advantages to our Skills Academy. Children have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a wide range of enjoyable activities. They will get to learn with children from other classes, work in smaller groups and develop positive relationships with different teachers and teaching assistants. It also gives us all something fun and exciting to look forward to at the end of the school week.
At Birchwood we are proud that our pupil’s enjoy coming to school and that they look forward to their skills time after doing their Birchwood Best all week. We believe that every child in our school is good at something and it is our aim to find, nurture and celebrate those talents. We know that our ‘BASE Skills Academy’ helps support us to achieve this.
Mr N Coleman, Headteacher
Year 3 and 4 have been practising their up and down strokes in modern calligraphy with paintbrushes this week. We had lots of fun writing with a different medium. 
The children were all excited to chose their first Base Skill club for this year.  They had a variety of clubs to select from including:
           KS1                                    Lower KS2                             Upper KS2                    
           Hama Beads                      Forest Club                            Purple Mash
           Outdoor Sports                  Trim Trail                                Word Search Club
           Music Club                         Lego Club                              Sketching Club
           Trim Trail                            Social Skills                           All Things British
           Mindful Colouring               Card Games                          Mindful Colouring 
           Lego Club                           Modern Caligraphy               Social Skills
           Yoga Club                           Reading Club                        Board Games
           Craft Club                           Arts & Crafts                          Jigsaw Club
                                                      Bug Hunting                          Reading Club
                                                      Football                                 Musical Theatre
 Types of afternoon activities available 



Now Press Play

Music Club

Board Games


Easter Sewing Club

Jewellery Making Club

Drawing Club

Easter Craft Club


Lower KS2

Jewellery Making

Brain Teasers Club


White Board Games club

Board/Card Games Club

Modern Calligraphy

Book Folding Club 

Purple MASH Club


Musical Theatre Club


Upper KS2

Sketching Club

Easter Craft Club

Drama Club

Card Making Club

Origami Club

Darts Club

Jigsaw Club


Football Club