Birchwood Best Summer 1

Jaylen counting in ones and tens to 60.
Ollie's poem about an animal.
Daniel doing his daily exercise in the pool.
-2 from 20 maths
For Kai's PE shake up he decided to play his own game.
Counting in 2s by Jaylen.
GraveYard Setting Description


One night when the sky was black and the moon felt cold and the crows screeched into the darkness. It was a pitch-black sheet. The sky was as dark as death the only stars were the long lost souls that lingered in the air for all eternity. As the wild wind roared with all its might violently shaking the life out of the trees. Rotting trees cast an eerie shadow over the uneven ground. On the soul infested ground were graves that stuck out like crooked teeth of a giant. At the centre of it all stood a crumbling cathedral that was from the dark ages. The creak of the fence was a battle call for the undead. This place was long forgotten and forever will be.

By Braden, Sycamore 5