Birchwood Sport Teams

Welcome to the Birchwood Sports Teams!
Some of Year 2 had fun taking part in a football tournament.  The children did very well and played exceptionally together as a team.! Mr Bright was excellent with them as well.
"On Thursday 19th April, Mr Hammesley took some year 4 and 5 children to a football tournament in Baddesley Ensor.  We got to represent the school while having fun.  We played fairly well and got into the semi finals," Sebastian - Year 4.
"On Wednesday we took part in a Swimming Gala; we faced tough competition from Outwoods Primary, Water Orton Primary and Warton Nethersole.  With a choice of four swimming strokes available (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly)  our nerves were on edge and the anticipation was high.  
We had lots of 2nd places, and one 1st!  Well done to everyone who took part" Hope and Mollie - Year 6
Well done to all our sports teams from previous years.  You have done yourself and Birchwood proud and made some fantastic memories!