Wild Learning Bird ID Challenge

How many common birds can YOU identify?  Do you see birds visiting your feeders and wonder what they are?

As part of our WildLearning in school, we want to encourage all pupils to learn how to identify a range of common species of birds that they might see around school. We are putting in lots of exciting spaces to help them learn more about birds and have set up an great new challenge which we would love ALL pupils (and staff!) to take part in!

You may have already seen our wonderful bird hide and our feeding station. This area will be full of interactive displays to help everyone learn to ID the birds and hopefully, they will also see some of them feeding on our feeding stations so they can get practising their ID skills!

 photo ff24d105be31464c9badbb6a5003ee86_2x1_zpsdwn2jcvp.jpeg 
 photo 85325be8198f4ea8b618502361b029b3_2x1_zpsvyehcwve.png