British Values


What are British Values?



All pupils have an entitlement to be provided with opportunities which allow them to achieve their potential. To ensure they make a valuable contribution as members of their community.


Demonstrate high expectations in a climate of challenge and support based upon Quality Assured accountability.

Pupil’s development in values is essential in raising standards of attainment for all pupils and developing depth beyond the academic curriculum through questioning, reflection, discussion and evaluating others viewpoints. Birchwood believes that insisting on high expectations and an ethos of respect and consideration are an integral part of school life.

Birchwood promotes values which reflect the themes of British Values:

  • Democracy;
  • Rule of Law;
  • Individual Liberty;
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

All pupils are asked to respect each other and show consideration, and our ethos is promoted by adults modelling behaviours and clear visual prompts.