Welcome to Chestnut!
2019 - 2020
Miss Lowe - Class Teacher
Mrs Tweed - Teaching Assistant
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Spring 1
Winter Wonderland
Autumn 2
Gingerbread Man
During Autumn 2 we have learnt all about Diwali. The children  really enjoyed dressing up in saris, making their own diwa lamp, tasting Indian foods and exploring rangoli patterns. 
The children’s favourite foods were the poppadoms which they said “went crunch just like a crisp”. They also really liked the “soft, tasty naan breads”. 
Autumn 1
New Beginnings
We were very excited to have a visit from Louise from Warwickshire Road Safety. We learned all about the Road Safety Code and how we must always hold hands with a grown up when crossing the roads. 
To complete our learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears we used Now Press Play. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and to quote one child said "Miss Lowe, this is awesome!"
We have also been enjoying exploring our learning activities showcasing all of the amazing things we have learned already! 
We have been working hard in Chestnut class, focusing on our learning behaviours and routines which the children are really good at! Our story focus has been 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed acting out the story in our role play area and completing learning activities based around the story.