Welcome to Chestnut!
2020 - 2021
Miss Lowe - Class Teacher
Mrs Tweed - Teaching Assistant

Home Learning Projects – Summer

To view the home learning choice activities for the summer term, please click the link below.

 Remember to send your home learning through the messages section on eSchools, or bring your learning in to school to share with your class on the stop-off dates, which are: 

3rd May

24th May

14th June

5th July

Summer 2
Why do Zebras have stripes?
Summer 1
Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots?

Summer 1 Remote Home Learning – Reception 

Daily Lessons for Absent Pupils

-If you are absent from school, please follow the link below to complete your daily lessons. 

- Always begin the daily lessons from ‘Monday’, no matter which day your first day of absence falls on. This will ensure the lessons are taught in sequence and you understand what is being taught.

Additional Lessons to Support Reception Learning: 


Practice your Phonics on 

Our school login details are:

Username: admin2619

Password: angel

Remember we are learning Phase 2 and Phase 3.



Jack and the Beanstalk (Part 1)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Part 2)

The Woodland (Part 1)

The Woodland (Part 2)

The Woodland (Part 3)


Squeaky Clean:

Squeaky Clean

Singing a song of soap

Hidden Germs

Brush your teeth

Flush and Wash

Germ Invasion

Understanding the World


To explain changes that happen in Spring

To look closely at a flower and identify different parts

To create a spring collage

Healthy Eating:

To identify foods that are healthy and foods that are not healthy

To learn about different fruits and vegetables

To create a healthy dish

Spring 2
Are All Dinosaurs The Same Size?
To complete our learning this half term, we have been given the opportunity to look after and observe the changes of some frogspawn. We are watching them very carefully in the hope that we may see some tadpoles before the Easter holidays. 
In PE, children have been enjoying their gymnastics learning by exploring different jumps. We started by learning how to safely get out and put away the mats and benches. We then learnt the difference between a pencil jump and a tuck jump. Children were able to safely have a go at the jumps, remembering to bend their knees and land on two feet.
This half term we have taken part in Census Day learning what this means and why it is so important. "It is all about counting". We chose to complete our own Census to explore our favourite colours. Children were very good at recording the results and interpreting the data. 
In maths, we have been exploring subtraction and understand that this means to take away. We began our learning by using concrete resources like cubes and numicon before moving onto the pictorial method of taking away. The children listened very carefully and were able to show their understanding independently. 
Chestnut class looked forward to celebrating books by taking part in World Book Day. We looked amazing dressed up as our favourite book characters and enjoyed some time exploring books with our friends and developing our love of reading. 
Chestnut Class began their Spring 2 learning by completing our topic all about dinosaurs. After working together to construct, build and decorate a dinoscape, the volcano erupted and we were amazed with the outcome. "This is amazing. It is like red fire." "Wow! It's like a real volcano!" 

Winter Wish Lists - Reading for Pleasure

At Birchwood, we have been working extremely hard to promote the power and enjoyment of reading for our children, as we know that being a successful reader is one of the key indicators to future success in life.

We pride ourselves on nurturing skilful and enthusiastic readers within school, providing children with memorable experiences such as exciting activities. Although we work diligently to promote reading within school, we value your support greatly in creating a positive reading culture at home; it is vital that children are encouraged to read high quality texts.

At the moment, we know that many of us are spending more time indoors than we normally would, providing our children with even more opportunities to read for pleasure in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, we have compiled a list of inspiring, excellent books for both you and your child to enjoy – both independently and as a shared reading book. On this list you will find some children’s classics, as well as some new bestselling books, and some award winning texts which have been celebrated widely within the reading community. We have selected these books to cater for a variety of reading tastes, and we have included books ranging from wild adventure stories, spooky ghost tales, books which celebrate diversity and difference, and those which promote kindness and emotional wellbeing.

Please click below to view your child's Winter Wish List. 

Autumn 2
Why Do Squirrels Hide Their Nuts?

Chestnut started the half term by going on an Autumn Walk around our school to see what seasonal changes we could observe. On our walk, we also collected a range of Autumn ingredients for our Autumn potions. The children thought it smelt "nice and fresh!" 

We have completed lots of learning within our areas focusing on all things Autumn. This included transient art, role playing in the pumpkin farm, using our senses to explore pumpkins and other Autumn vegetables, understanding how animals prepare for Winter, planting in our quad area and discussing harvest as part of our Talk for Writing story, The Little Red Hen. 

To complete our learning around Autumn, we made some Autumn smoothies. The first one included carrots, oranges and oats. This one did not go down well with the children who said "it tasted like rotten pumpkins" and "I only like carrots on my Sunday dinner". The second smoothie included apples, raspberrys and natural yoghurt. This smoothie had a much better reaction, the children said "that was yummy", "I like apples, they are my favourite fruit". 

We have then gone on to learn all about the Hindu celebration 'Diwali'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the festival of light and carrying out some of the traditional diwali preparations and celebrations. This included: dressing up in traditional Hindu clothing, making Diva lamps out of clay, making and tasting Burfi sweets, creating colourful Rangoli patterns, cleaning and tidying the role-play home to prepare and learning a variety of Diwali songs. 

We have loved our learning this half term and can't wait to see what next half term's topics are! 

Autumn 1
 Do you want to be friends?
Chestnut class have had an AMAZING start to Birchwood. We have enjoyed getting to know all of the children and hearing all about their summer holidays. They have learned all about the routines and rules at school as well as all the Learning Areas they can explore. 
As part of our hook into our topic, we went on a special tour of the school, meeting some adults that help us and seeing where they do their jobs. 
We can't wait to have lots more fun at school.