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2021 - 2022
Miss Lowe - Class Teacher
Mrs Tweed - Teaching Assistant

Home Learning Activities – Summer

To view the home learning choice activities for the Summer term, please click the link below.

Remember to send your learning to your teacher via the eSchools messages, or bring your learning in to school to share with your class on the stop-off dates, which are:

9th May

23rd May

20th June

11th July

Summer 1 - Remote Home Learning – Reception

Daily Lessons for Absent Pupils

-If you are absent from school, please follow the link below to complete your daily lessons. 

- Always begin the daily lessons from ‘Monday’, no matter which day your first day of absence falls on. This will ensure the lessons are taught in sequence and you understand what is being taught.

Additional Lessons to Support Reception Learning: 


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Remember you can consolidate your learning about Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.



The Rainforest (Part 1) -

The Rainforest (Part 2) -

The Rainforest (Part 3) -


Circle of Love:

Who is in my family? -

Different Families -

Love for Pets -

Understanding the World


To understand why people celebrate Eid -

Make moon and star Eid decorations -

Construct a Mosque -

Float and Sink:

To understand what floating and sinking is -

Float/Sink Experiment -

Build a boat that floats -

Summer 1
The Sights and Sounds of Africa
Spring 2
 Dinosaur Stomp
Reception have had a very exciting couple of weeks as we received a special parcel. In line with our learning about Spring and new life, we have had the exciting experience of watching chick's hatch. We have since enjoyed learning about caring for chicks, watching and observing their behaviour and most importantly, having a little cuddle.
Children were greeted this morning with some mysterious footprints leading out to our outdoor area and an egg in a nest. We are going to be keeping a close eye out to see if anything happens to the egg over the next few days.
Spring 1
Winter Wonderland
When we arrived back to school after our Christmas break, we were excited to see lots of changes both outside and within the classroom. We began our learning by discussing what we already know about Winter and ice. This involved making our very own ice lollies, "they were so yummy!" The children then enjoyed exploring our first key text 'Snowflakes by Cerrie Burnell' where we were able to show our learning around ice, snowflakes and seasonal changes in a variety of ways. To finish our work on this text we made our very own tree decorations just like those in the book and went to hang them on the trees around the school grounds.
Autumn 2
Why do squirrels hide their nuts?
Chestnut class have enjoyed starting their new theme 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' and looking at all things Autumn. We began by going on an Autumn walk after being told about some strange things happening to the environment outside. We noticed things like "The leaves are on the ground. They have fell off the trees." "The leaves are yellow, red and orange." "They aren't green anymore". We also had to wear our wellington boots and coats as the weather has changed and it is now getting cold and wet.  We have then been starting to explore seasonal changes within our classroom environment. We have explored pumpkins, describing their appearance, smell and weight using our senses.  We can't wait to see what other learning we complete this half term. 
Autumn 1
 We all belong here!
We have enjoyed settling into school, learning about the school rule and routines. We have also explored people who help us both inside school and outside of school. We then moved on to learn about our key text 'Have you filled a bucket today?'