Welcome to Chestnut!
2022 - 2023
Mrs Robilliard/Miss Lowe - Class Teachers
Mrs Hooper/Mrs Sullivan/Mrs Winsloe-Warder - Teaching Assistants
Spring 1
Winter Wonderland

We really enjoyed learning about how people prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year.  We listened to the story of ‘The Great Race’, a story of the Chinese Zodiac.  The Jade Emperor named a year in the zodiac after each animal that took part in the race.  The children thought the rat was very cheeky as he got a ride on the ox to get to the other side, then jumped over the ox's head and won the race.                   

Our other learning included; role playing getting ready for Chinese New Year, picking things up with chopsticks, painting and making dragons and trying Chinese food.  We even made a giant dragon’s head that we used to try out some dragon dancing.


Brrrr! It may be Winter, but that hasn’t stopped us investigating water and ice to make our own ice lollies – yum!  We talked about how to make them and what would happen to the water. 

'We need to pour water into a mould and then put it in the freezer to make it solid ice,' Lexi. 

'The fridge won’t be cold enough to turn the water into ice,' Paige. 

'Put water in the freezer so it goes solid and turns into ice.  It’s really cold in the freezer,' Riley. 

'We need water because water makes ice.  If you put it in the freezer it will turn into ice because the freezer is colder than the fridge.  When ice melts it turns into a liquid,' Autumn. 


We have come back to school in 2023 ready for our learning and excited to be diving into our next theme Winter Wonderland. Within this theme we will expand our children’s understanding of the world they live in and the wonders that it hides. The children will travel by text and the brilliance of their imaginations to the Polar Regions of the globe, finding out and comparing their landscapes and the animals to those local to the UK. We will explore the qualities of snow, and ice. We will also look at features of the season of winter including the changing weather. Here are some photos of the amazing learning the children across reception have encountered so far:
Autumn 2
 Why Do Squirrels Hide Their Nuts?
We had the most enjoyable day out at Conkers Winter Wonderland!  Our Christmas adventure started with a ride on the Santa Express which took us to the Elf Village.  There, we listened to a story about a robin whilst enjoying a drink and cookie.  We then made our very own craft robin to take home.  From there we went on a magical wintery walk ending up at Santa's Grotto.  Santa asked us what we would like for Christmas, told us all we have been very good this year and gave us a present.  We were all very excited!  After lunch we enjoyed exploring the enchanted forest before watching a Christmas movie in the 4D cinema.  It was such a wonderful day and will leave us with lots of special memories.
We are very proud of all the children in Acorn and Chestnut class for doing such a fabulous job of learning all the songs and lines for their Nativity play.  The end performance was amazing.  Well done everyone!
Today we had the pleasure of inviting the local Reverend into school to talk to the Reception children about the Christian Faith, her job and how the birth of Jesus is important. The children asked questions, saw props and even sang Nativity songs.
After learning the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper using Talk for Writing, we had the opportunity to go into the Food Tech Room and make our own. We discussed the recipe used in the story and the steps taken and compared it to the recipe we used at school.  We got to taste the soup and most of us loved it.
We love exploring maths in many ways and this week we explored games with numbers up to 5. We worked as teams and threw bean bags into the hoops to see how many landed in the hoop and how many missed. This helped us to organise our sentence structures for combining amounts.
Later in the week we all went on a number hunt inside and outside of the school building. We were amazed at how many numbers can be found. Have a look at all our wonderful learning!
Chestnut class really enjoyed their first forest school session.  We went on a walk to look for signs of Autumn and talked about the colours of Autumn while on the look out for Autumn treasures.  We found different coloured leaves, twigs, acorns and berries.  We put all our Autumn objects into a cup to make an Autumn potion.
Autumn has arrived in Acorn and Chestnut class.
Here you can see the reception children exploring the learning provision inside and outside. With many celebrations such as Halloween and Bonfire Night already being seen, you can see our children immersed in their learning. Autumn is Mrs Smith and Mrs Robilliard's favourite season with all the beautiful colours and crafts.
 Autumn 1
We All Belong Here!
We had a great time celebrating National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October.  Everyone looked fantastic dressed up as adjectives.  There was a fabulous range including sparkly, intelligent, old, camouflaged, gloomy and angelic.  We also enjoyed watching Year 2 perform the poem 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' to us.  We then performed the rhyme 'One, Two Buckle My Shoe' for them.
Tuesday 4th October was a busy day in Reception.  We spent the first part of the morning listening to poems from the visiting poet Ash Dickinson, who then helped us to write a class poem.  We then spent some of the morning looking at some exciting educational apps on the iPads with Mr Bailey.
We had some very special visitors into school on Friday 14th October as our teddy bears joined us for a teddy bears picnic.  We retold the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears that we have been learning, sang teddy bear songs, played games and made our own banana sandwiches to eat.  Yummy!
On Thursday 22nd September local Fire Fighters came into school to talk to the reception children about the importance of their role. The children got to practice asking questions about their job and the risks they take, and also got to try on some of their amazing kit.
The children have made an incredible start to their learning journey here at Birchwood Primary School and we are so proud of how quickly they have settled and how positively they have engaged with the learning opportunities.  Here are some photographs of them enjoying their first few weeks at school.