Cooking Club

Welcome to Cooking Club!


Over the last four week, parents and grandparents have attended the Birchwood Cooking Club alongside the pupils.  They have developed their skills and enjoyed the experience of cooking together.


'I loved taking all the yummy food home with me,' Finlay. 


'It's been a really enjoyable experience and Finlay has loved it,' Elaine.



'It's been a life changing experience that has been fun for both adults and their children,' Autumn.



'It's really fun and the food is always delicious,' Aimee-Louise


"It's been a very insightful experience and it has a lovely, friendly atmosphere," Amy-Louise's mum.



'I've had the most extraordinary experience at cooking club,' Ethan.


'It's lovely to do cooking together.  You forget how fun cooking can be,' Ethan's mum.