Welcome to Elm 1!
2018 - 2019
Miss Lowe - Class Teacher
Mrs Tucker - Teaching Assistant


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Summer 2
Wild Things!
Summer 1
A Passage to India
Take One Author - Julia Donaldson
Spring 2
There's No Place Like Home
Spring 1
Turrets and Tiaras
In PE we have been learning a Tudor Dance. We watched a video of Tudors dancing in the great hall and have worked hard to create our own version by using some of their dance moves and creating some of our own. It was very tricky to make sure we were all going in the same direction and at the same speed. 
The children were amazed at how big Tamworth Castle is. They got to help the servant set the table ready for the Lady, dress a knight in his armour, complete some bill hook drill and explore the castle grounds. One child said they were scared in the dungeon because it was dark and cold. Another child said there favourite part was when they got to go to the top of the tower. 
Year 1 were very excited to receive a very official looking letter as we arrived back to school after the Christmas holidays.

After reading the letter, we decided to get our thinking caps on and start researching castles in preparation for our visit to Tamworth Castle.


To prepare for our new topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’, we were set some homework all to do with castles.

We had to research what a castle looks like and then create a poster or build a castle, showing the different parts.

The results were amazing!


One of the texts we have used this half term was 'The Queens Knickers'. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this funny story about the missing trunk containing the queens knickers. After exploring and re-writing the story, we used it as a stimulus to write our very own rhyming poems. 
Autumn 2
The Magic Toybox
Autumn 1
Here Come the Aliens
Maths learning in Year 1 has been really fun. We have been concentrating on numbers to to 10. To help us with recognising Numicon, we had a go at completing the Numicon City by filling the towers with the right piece of Numicon. As an extra challenge we then had to try counting how many of each piece we used. Ayla said that maths is fun because we can use lots of different things to show our numbers to 10. 
When we started year 1, we made an interesting discovery in our outside area. An alien had crash landed. We worked hard to investigate what we could see and make predictions about who it might be and what they are doing here. This was a fantastic hook into our Here Come the Aliens topic. Alex said that it was amazing and couldn't believe an alien had crashed in our school. Jack thought that the alien might have turned invisible and be hiding in the school. 
To help our learning about space, year 1 have been busy making lots of Space arts and crafts, we enjoyed making space wreaths displaying planets and stars and we also had a go at making a rocket like they one that crashed. 
Welcome to Acorn and Chestnut!
Class Teachers - Mrs Willis and Miss Aston
Summer 2
Wonderful World
Summer 1
Eggciting news!
When we returned to school after our Easter break we discovered that some eggs had been delivered by our old friend Dino the dinosaur. He asked us to find out which animals lay eggs. He also wanted us to think about what might be inside the eggs in our classroom. We came up with lots of ideas such as spiders, snakes, chicks, turtles and ducks. After only two days the eggs had started to hatch open and we were very excited to discover that there were little chicks inside. They are now in the brooder box in our classroom.
"Everyone was excited.  Nobody knew what was in the eggs," Hanna.
"I thought they were all different eggs.  One was a chick and one was a crocodile," Oscar.
Spring 2 
This half term we will be covering our Dinosaur theme and our Take One Author, Ian Why.
In foundation stage we found a huge egg in our new outdoor classroom. We bought it inside to keep it warm. We noticed each morning when we came to school that it was cracking open a little more each day and there appeared to be a small dinosaur inside. Last Wednesday, we found the egg in two parts and empty! Mr Oak sent us some photos taken from CCTV footage of our missing dinosaur travelling around our school. We used the photos, like a map, to follow the dinosaurs trail but have yet to find him. We have made lots of posters to let everyone know about our missing dinosaur in the hope that someone finds him soon.
We have had lots of fun during our first few weeks at school learning all the routines, exploring all the areas within our classrooms and making lots of new friends.