Elm 1

Welcome to Elm 1!
2020 - 2021
Miss Aston - Class Teacher
Mrs Short - Teaching Assistant

Home Learning Projects – Summer

To view the home learning choice activities for the summer term, please click the link below.

 Remember to send your home learning through the messages section on eSchools, or bring your learning in to school to share with your class on the stop-off dates, which are: 

3rd May

24th May

14th June

5th July

Summer 2
The Enchanted Woodland
Summer 1
Rio De Vida

Summer 2 Remote Home Learning – Year 1 


Daily Lessons for Absent Pupils

If you are absent from school, please follow the link below to complete your daily lessons.




Always begin the daily lessons from ‘Monday’, no matter which day your first day of absence falls on. This will ensure the lessons are taught in sequence and you understand what is being taught.


https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ (Username: admin2619 and Password: angel)


Additional Lessons to Support Year 1 Learning:



The Animal Kingdom


There are six lessons to complete in this unit about the animal kingdom.

Fun Activities to do in the Woodlands during summer.




Here are some websites which will help you learn about the continents and oceans.  There are



You may also like to sing along with our song about the continents.




Complete lessons to help you practise your PE skills such as, running, jumping, throwing and catching.




It is OK not to be OK. 

Complete lessons 1  - 6




Learning about Islam


Watch clips 1 -  6

Spring 2
Magnificent Monarchs
Take One Author - Julia Donaldson
We had a message from a young knight called George who wanted to know how to win a spear throwing contest.  We threw javelins to find out how to create a greater push force.. We learnt that the harder we throw something the further it goes.

Winter Wish Lists - Reading for Pleasure

At Birchwood, we have been working extremely hard to promote the power and enjoyment of reading for our children, as we know that being a successful reader is one of the key indicators to future success in life.

We pride ourselves on nurturing skilful and enthusiastic readers within school, providing children with memorable experiences such as exciting activities. Although we work diligently to promote reading within school, we value your support greatly in creating a positive reading culture at home; it is vital that children are encouraged to read high quality texts.

At the moment, we know that many of us are spending more time indoors than we normally would, providing our children with even more opportunities to read for pleasure in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, we have compiled a list of inspiring, excellent books for both you and your child to enjoy – both independently and as a shared reading book. On this list you will find some children’s classics, as well as some new bestselling books, and some award winning texts which have been celebrated widely within the reading community. We have selected these books to cater for a variety of reading tastes, and we have included books ranging from wild adventure stories, spooky ghost tales, books which celebrate diversity and difference, and those which promote kindness and emotional wellbeing.

Please click below to view your child's Winter Wish List. 

Autumn 2
School Days
Autumn 1
 Moon Zoom
On our return to school after the summer holidays we made an interesting discovery in our outside area. Something had crash landed and left a terrible mess. We also discovered a passport in the bush. Closer inspection revealed that it belonged to an alien called Beegu who had been travelling from Planet Zoop when her spaceship malfunctioned! A few days later we found a note from Beegu saying that she was working on her spaceship in the evenings to get it fixed. She also mentioned that she was popping into our classroom to have a look at our lovely work! We have been trying very hard to impress her!
Welcome to Acorn and Chestnut!
2019 - 2020
Mrs Stockton/Miss Lowe - Class Teachers
Mrs Spong/Mrs Tweed - Teaching Assistants
Hello Acorn Class !! 
Hello to all our Fantastic Home Learners! 
We hope you enjoyed last week's learning.
This week we are off on our adventures with a 
Dinosaur who eats too much !!...
This week is our last week at school.
We hope you have a wonderful Summer
and we look forward to welcoming you back in September.
Remember to keep happy and healthy
and above all enjoy this extra time with your family.
Underneath this post you should see a new set of
activities for next week.
We would love to see some of the learning you are doing at home so if you tweet your pictures, don't forget to mention our school @BirchwoodPrim.
Remember to keep yourselves busy and active.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon,
until then keep safe. 
From Mrs Stockton and Mrs Spong.
Jolly Phonics songs can be found using the following link

The DfE have set up a YouTube channel to provide daily Letters and Sounds lessons for children to continue to practise their phonics knowledge.


Remember STAY SAFE online too.  Visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ 

In lieu of any opportunities for competition, or skill development, School Games have teamed up with Topya! to provide a platform for schools parents and teachers to recommend and even track activity levels. 

Children practise the challenges, then submit their best video using a mobile device to receive personal coaching feedback from the TopYa! team of experienced virtual coaches. Points are earned for each video submitted, leading to climbing leaderboards and winning prizes!

  • To access the app follow the following instructions.
  • Download the TopYa! Active app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Create your Parent account
  • When prompted to enter an Invite Code enter 23880 and then choose Primary or Secondary School League based on which type of school your child attends
  • Then create your kid(s) account(s)
  • Let them work on the activities on their own device or film and upload videos from your device on their behalf!
  • Local area page: https://www.yourschoolgames.com/sgo/queen-elizabeth/ Twitter @schoolgames_nw

Your children might be in lockdown, 

but their imaginations don’t have to be.

With now>press>play At Home, your children can access 21 Audio Adventures, complete with follow on resources. Whether it’s the Arctic, Ancient Egypt or a Mission to Mars, our Audio Adventures will transport your children to another world.  

www.nowpressplay.co.uk/learn-at-home/  Password: nowpressplay

Spring 2
Romp in the Swamp
Spring 1
Winter Wonderland
We started our Winter theme with a trip to the Snowdome.  Boris the Polar Bear visited us from the zoo and wanted to know what it was like in the Arctic so we decided to take him to the Snowdome.  We had lots of fun sledging and throwing snowballs!
Here are some  from the ice lollies we made last week.  Our current theme is 'Winter' and we have recently been doing a lot of learning about ice.  We also created a graph to see which flavour was the most popular and it was berry but with orange following closely behind.  All the children agreed they were delicious.
Autumn 2
Gingerbread Man
Autumn 1
New Beginnings
Today children have learned about staying safe on the road.  Warwick Bear helped us learn actions which help us remember to walk, stop, listen, look and hold hands.