Juniper 2

Welcome to Juniper 2!
2019 - 2020
Mrs Brelsford - Class Teacher
Mrs Whitlock - Teaching Assistant
We can't believe this is the last week of Year 2!
Although our year was cut short we have loved teaching you and seeing all the home learning you have completed. 
Well done for all your hard work during this strange and unfamiliar time. 
Have a wonderful Summer Holiday.
We look forward to seeing you next year! 
 Mrs Brelsford and Mrs Whitlock
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To access the app follow the following instructions.

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Spring 2
Fiery Flames
Spring 1
Ahoy, Me Hearties!
Ahoy There! It’s time to set sail with Captain Redblood himself and join his pirate crew. Do you have what it takes to become one of his shipmates? Join Sam Silver to travel back in time to explore what life as a pirate on the open sea was really like and discover more about these famous pirate’s and their Caribbean home.
'We have to help Captain Redblood,' Jenson.
'Captain Coleman is the captain of the Birchwood's ship. That is why we found the Captain's hat outside his office,' Ryan.
'Are pirates still alive today?' Isabelle.
'I would hate to eat Hard Tack!' Chloe.
'There was a note in Juniper class from Captain Redblood,' Elsie.
'Captain Redblood asked us to find his treasure.  We knew it was covered in ice because one of the clues told us,' Arianne.
'Some of us made suggestions about where to find the treasure.  It took us about half an hour to find it.  It was in the cooking room in the freezer,' Abbey.
'My group tried to melt the ice with salt.  Other group's tried smashing it, pouring hot water on it, covering it with sand and holding a candle next to the ice,' name withheld.
'Smashing the ice worked best!' Teddy.
Autumn 2
A Twist in the Tale
Year 2 have loved the theme ‘A Twist in the Tale’ during Autumn 2.
They arrived after half term to a recorded message and a copy of ‘The Wolf’s Story’. The Wolf desperately needed Year 2’s help. Little Red had been telling lies about him so he had been banished to Fairy Tale Jail. It was our job to investigate and help find out whether the Wolf was guilty or innocent.
Along the way we have read other ‘twists’ to familiar fairy tales and ‘Inside the Villains’ to see whether the Wolf was misunderstood and to see if the Fairy Tales reveal the whole truth.  



'I love reading Fairy Tales,' Eliza.


'My favourite villain is a witch,' Edith.


'I feel sorry for the Wolf because Little Red Riding Hood was telling lies about him and he was actually telling the truth and no one believed him,' Isabelle.


'I loved reading ‘Inside the Villains’ because it told me lots of extra facts that I didn’t know about the Wolf, the Witch and the Giant,' Alfie.


'In ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ there was a brilliant description of the witch. My favourite part was ‘green spittle that came from her mouth,' Blake.


'I liked learning about the diet of wolves, their habitats and lots more interesting facts,' Oscar.


The Year 2 Infant Agility Team took part in North Warwickshire Finals alongside Warton, Shustoke and St Edwards. Birchwood were fantastic! They won the Final and all received a gold medal. Birchwood have now progressed through to the next stage of the competition competing against schools from Nuneaton and Bedworth. Year 2 cannot wait for the next competition.


We were able to take 30 Year 2 children to the NWPSSA Infant Agility Competition. All the children were brilliant and a credit to Birchwood. They used their agility, balance and co-ordination skills as well as showing they can work well as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. Birchwood won the Heat and have secured a place in the Finals towards the end of the month! We cannot wait to compete in the Finals and look forward to letting you know how we get on!
So you think you know the story of the Big Bad Wolf but what if you have got it wrong? Have you ever heard the wolf’s version of events or taken the time to hear how he feels about what happened? Perhaps Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t so innocent after all. What about the other Fairytale villains, has anyone asked them for their side of the story? Is there a twist to be found in the traditional tales?
Autumn 1
Under the Canopy
Juniper 2 have loved learning about tropical rainforests in their theme 'Under the Canopy'. We finished the theme by making our own rainforest animal masks to raise awareness of the endangered animals that live there. We can't wait to find out what our theme is next half term!
'It was really interesting learning about all the endangered animals that live in the rainforest,' James.
'I have had lots of fun learning about the rainforest,' Lillie-Mai.
'The best part of this theme was going to Twycross Zoo to see the animals,' Renao.
'It was interesting to see where in the world the rainforests are,' Harriet.
'I enjoyed learning about food chains,' Charlie.
'I couldn't believe how hot is was in the butterfly farm, it was just like  a tropical rainforest,' Ryan.
Year 2 had a brilliant time yesterday at Twycross Zoo. We learnt lots about food chains and habitats and enjoyed meeting the creatures and animals from the rainforest.
An orangutan and her babies have travelled all the way from a rainforest because they need our help as their home is being destroyed! In order to help them we need to investigate tropical rainforests. We will discover where they are found, what the climate is like there and learn all about the animals and plants that live there.
Welcome to Hazel 1!
2018 - 2019
Miss Purdy/Mr Bright - Class Teacher
Mrs Tucker - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Wild Things!
Summer 1
A Passage to India
Take One Author - Julia Donaldson
Hazel 1’s first ever class assembly took us on a journey through year 1. This included travelling through space, experiencing life in Victorian times, visiting a time of princesses, knights and castles, exploring enchanted fairy tale lands and enjoying the vibrant culture of India.
Spring 2
There's No Place Like Home
Spring 1
Turrets and Tiaras
Year 1 were very excited to receive a very official looking letter as we arrived back to school after the Christmas holidays.

After reading the letter, we decided to get our thinking caps on and start researching castles in preparation for our visit to Tamworth Castle.


To prepare for our new topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’, we were set some homework all to do with castles.

We had to research what a castle looks like and then create a poster or build a castle, showing the different parts.

The results were amazing!


Autumn 2
The Magic Toybox
Autumn 1
Here Comes the Aliens