Juniper 2

Welcome to Juniper 2!
2021 - 2022
Mrs Brelsford - Class Teacher
Mrs Whitlock/Mrs Spencer - Teaching Assistants

Home Learning Activities – Summer 1

To view the home learning choice activities for the Summer Term, please click the link below. Remember to send you learning to your teacher via the eSchools messages, or bring your learning in to school to share with your class on the stop-off dates, which are:

9th May

23rd May

20th June

11th July

Summer 1 - Remote Home Learning - Year 2

Daily Lessons for Absent Pupils 

If you are absent from school, please follow the link below to complete your daily English lessons

Always begin the daily lessons from ‘Monday’, no matter which day your first day of absence falls on. This will ensure the lessons are taught in sequence and you understand what is being taught. 

Please use the following link for maths lessons and work your way through the unit we are covering at school.


Practice your Phonics on     

Our school login details are: 

Username: admin2619 

Password: angel 


-       Log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2Dos set.

Additional Lessons to Support Year 2 Learning:


-          How do I plant a bean?

-          What types of plant grow in the wild?

-          What is the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees?

-          What are the parts of trees and plants called?

-          What changes occur to a tomato plant?

-          What changes have occurred to my bean plant?


-       What is an ocean?

-       Where are the world’s oceans?

-       Log onto Purple Mash and find the 2Do ‘Remote Learning: World’s Oceans Quiz’


-       Ramadan and Eid


-       Log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2Do: Design your own pirate flag.


-       Explore a range of sliders and levers

-        Evaluate products with moving part


-       Who was Christopher Columbus?


-       A private life is a happy life

-       Surprise!

-       Local Heroes

Summer 1
Land Ahoy!
Spring 2
 Under the Canopy
We read 'There's A Rang Tan in my Bedroom' and found out all about the orangutans in the rainforest and how their homes are being destroyed because of palm oil. We then made orangutan friendly cereal bars in DT that used honey instead of palm oil and wrote a speech asking for companies to be responsible when growing palm oil. We also wrote non-chronological reports about orangutans too. In Geography we have been learning about the location of the world's rainforests and what the climate is like there and around the Equator. In our dance lessons we have been learning about other rainforest animals, where in the rainforest they live and how they move in different ways. 
An orang-utan has travelled all the way from the rainforest because they need our help as their home is being destroyed! We will learn all about the rainforest, the animals that live there and how we can help protect them. We will also find out why rainforests are so essential to all life on earth.
Spring 1
Muck, Mess and Mixtures

It’s time to get creative in your afternoon theme of ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’! We will be joining Roald Dahl’s George by mixing our own marvellous creations. By mixing colours and applying materials we will create our own unique masterpieces and have some fun getting messy in the process. Thinking about mess we have lots of scientific investigations to perform and we will create our own healthy recipes to form part of a balanced diet.

Autumn 2
Significant People
Year 2 had a visit from two modern day policemen today. They were able to share with them all they had learnt about Sir Robert Peel and were able to find out about policing today. We even got to see and hear the sirens!
Year 2 have been learning about the different types of Scientific Enquiry they will encounter at Birchwood. 
To help us better understand the significance of Sir Robert Peel: a former local MP, former Prime Minister and founder of the Metropolitan Police, 2 members from The Peel Society visited Year 2.
Autumn 1
Bright Lights, Big City
Silly old Paddington Bear … he packed his bags for his tea party but he spilt marmalade all over his invitation. We had to help him using our inference skills by working out where he was going and who he was visiting. 
We have been very busy ‘visiting’ the landmarks in London and designing a vehicle to help him get to the Royal Tea Party at Buckingham Palace! He can’t be late for the Queen!
Welcome to Elm 1!
2020 - 2021
Miss Aston - Class Teacher
Mrs Short - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
The Enchanted Woodland