Welcome to Larch 2!
2018 - 2019
Mrs Clarke/Mrs Bayliss - Class Teacher
Mrs Short - Teaching Assistant

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Summer 2
Oh The Places You'll Go
Summer 1
Street Detectives
Take One Author - Roald Dahl
Spring 2
Fiery Flames
On Tuesday Year 2 travelled back to 1666 when they visited Blakesley Hall to learn about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London. All of Year 2 had a brilliant time exploring the house, dressing up as people from Tudor times, including King Charles II, Samuel Pepys and Jane (Samuel Pepys’ servant) and learning all about how the Great Fire of London started. The children also had the opportunity to write using a quill and ink, look at artefacts, build a house and complete brass rubbings. During lunch the children were able to play with toys of the time, they thoroughly enjoyed racing on their horses. A great day was had by all and the children were at their Birchwood' best.
Fire! Fire! London's burning! Larch 2 are travelling back in time to solve the mystery about how The Great Fire of London started using evidence from Samuel Pepys' diary to discover more about London at this time. Have you ever considered roaring, ferocious fire breathing dragons may know more than we think? Was it all their fault?
'A dragon landed on the playground on Tuesday early in the morning,' Isla.
'Mr Jackson, the school caretaker recorded a video of the dragon,' Alfie.
'The dragon wants to lay its eggs here because it can't find any where else,' Elsie-May.
'What happens if it eats people?' Stanley.
Spring 1
On the Ocean Wave
Year 2 had a Skype conversation with the authors, Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler, of the book they are reading "Sam Silver Undercover Pirate Skeleton Island". The authors got the children to guess what was in the pirate sack by giving them clues, the children were able to ask the authors questions and finally Year 2 were lucky enough to have an extract from one of their books read to them by the authors themselves! Year 2 loved it and now can't wait to write more stories using all the tips they have learnt!
Ahoy There! It’s time to set sail with Captain Redblood himself and join his pirate crew. Do you have what it takes to become one of his shipmates? Join Sam Silver to travel back in time to explore what life as a pirate on the open sea was really like and discover more about these famous pirate’s and their Caribbean home. 
'We found a bottle with a message in it,' Elsie-May.
'Redblood sent us some frozen treasure and we had to get the treasure out of the ice,' Isla.
'Sugar doesn't really melt ice,' Bobby.
'Flour does not melt ice,' Martyna.
'My group discovered that rock salt melted the ice quite quickly!' Finlay.
'Why did Redblood choose us and not another class? That confused me!' Elsie.
Autumn 2
The Enchanted Forest
Our mysterious book character, Jub, is proud of her unusual job, to collect Happy Endings from the enchanted woodland ready for children’s bedtime stories.  We join her in her woodland habitat learning about the creatures we meet, the changes to the seasons and the effects on the wildlife living there.  We will capture images and collect artefacts to make our own texts and to help Jub find her own Happy Ending.
Autumn 1
Into the Lion's Den
On Friday 12th October our Year 2 classes competed brilliantly in the Infant Agility at The Polesworth School. Children launched, leapt and balanced their way through several obstacles. Pupils and staff from the school commented on the behaviour and manners of the children. Well done Year 2 and good luck!
Welcome to Elm 1!
Miss Lowe - Class Teacher
Mrs Tucker - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Where The Wild Things Are
Year 1 wrote to Julia Donaldson and we have had our reply! She sent a letter back with some answers to our questions, she also picked 5 children's letters and sent them a signed photo with their name on. The whole class all received a sticker. We were very pleased and excited to hear back from our favourite author. 
As apart of their new theme, 'Where The Wild Things Are', year one had a visit from the Wild Encounters team.  We learned about lots of different wild animals such as giant millipedes, fat tailed gerbils, tarantulas, meerkats and many more.  During the session the children had an opportunity to handle the creatures and ask questions.  Everyone agreed it was one of their favourite experiences so far.
Summer 1

Tudor Dancing:  Linking to our topic learning around castles, we have been focusing on Tudor Dancing within PE. The children watched a video and then worked hard on following the steps and getting the routine in time. 


"It is fun to do something different in PE. We got to learn about a new kind of dance with a new jump (one foot then onto the other)," Elsie. 


RE Day, Sikhism: As part of our RE learning we had a day focusing on Sikhism. We roleplayed looking after a new born baby and then learnt about how babies get their name. We compared the Christian naming ceremony to the Sikhisms. We then looked at our name and what it means, we each created our own name meaning card. 


In the afternoon, we then concentrated on the Guru Granth Sahib, the special book for Sikhs. We discussed all of the ways they care for and respect their special book. We then created a poster explaining how we would care for our special book. 


"I liked learning about how different people name their baby," Bobby.


"I liked practicing with a baby doll. It is important to be kind to them," Evan.


"I would wash my hands before reading my special book. I would also make sure I read it everyday," Isla.



Our theme this half term is Take One Author, Julia Donaldson alongside castles.
On Monday morning as part of our Hook for Julia Donaldson we explored as many of her books as possible, commenting on things we liked, things we were not so sure of and how many of her books were bright and colourful. Throughout this week, we are working towards writing letters to Julia Donaldson explaining how we love her books and also asking her some questions about how she became an author etc.
In the afternoon, we had our hook into castles. Over the easter holidays, the children were given the homework of creating either a cardboard castle or a poster. They did an AMAZING job so we spent time looking at each others castles, commenting on what we liked and if we had any improvements. We then began to learn about the different parts of a castle. The children are looking forward to seeing a real life castle when we visit Stafford Castle in May.
Year 1 explored how people celebrate new babies and show respect to special objects such as holy books.  As part of this we; talked about our own experiences, watched and discussed both a Christian baptism and a Sikh naming ceremony, learned how Sikh communities show respect to their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, before creating our own set of actions for how we would respect an object precious to us.
Spring 2 
This half term we will be covering our theme No Place Like Home.
In RE this half term we explored the origins of the Purim festival.  It is a Jewish celebration which is based on the story of Esther.  We retold the story and made grapers (a shaker) to develop our understanding.

In science, we investigated the question; What can our hands do?  We discovered that they can identify different sizes, textures, temperatures and weights.

In Literacy, we used the 'Now Press Play' resources to follow a fairy tale mystery story.  We were the main character and had to help put back all the full stops and capital letters to help save our favourite fairy tales.


Here Comes the Aliens


When the children returned to school from the summer holidays, they discovered a very strange scene in the hall.  There were tubes, control panels, screws, wires, sparkly rocks and other unusual objects strewn about.  It appeared as though an alien craft had crashed in our school.  This half term the children will be investigating materials, light, building space vehicles and reading the books 'Here come the Aliens' by Colin McNaughton, 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy and 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon to support their investigations and to help them compose a message to the aliens that crashed.