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Online Safety Committee - Digital Leaders
Welcome to the Birchwood Primary School Online Safety Committee and Digital Leader blog. Join us on our learning journey as we all become online safety champions! 
Online Safety Community Event - NowPressPlay
Children and staff from twelve schools within our local community were today invited to an online safety event at Birchwood. NowPressPlay and Animate to Educate were here to deliver an immersive experience for our children; they took part in a drama activity where they were faced with some very challenging online safety dilemmas.
What a great day!
Do You Follow Poppy's Tip?
Birchwood's Online Safety Support Pack
The Digital Leaders have recently helped to create an Online Safety Support Pack for parents - the children suggested including help and support for games and apps like WhatsApp, Fortnite, YouTube and TikTok.
Collect your parental support pack from the school office, or request one from Miss Mould and the Digital Leaders.
Safer Internet Day Competition
All children from Birchwood Primary School have got their fingers crossed, hoping that their entry into the national Safer Internet Day competition will be the ultimate winner!
Good luck everyone!
Digital Leaders at the Bett Show
Our Digital Leaders have recently been on a fantastic trip to London to experience the Bett show! They enjoyed meeting some familiar faces such as Michael Rosen and Mr Bailey, while spending time experimenting with many new technological gadgets which they had on offer.
The Digital Leaders created and led a presentation to a live audience - "A 10 Year Old's Guide to Online Safety" - drawing a crowd of school teachers, children and business leaders from all over the UK.
Are you aware of what you are exposing your children to on YouTube?
Safer Internet Day
Children throughout Birchwood celebrated Safer Internet Day last week in a variety of different ways, from creating short films, to creating information leaflets, SMART rules videos and social media safety posters. We shared our learning with our classes and other year groups and we are well on our way to becoming online safety champions! 
The short film below is just one of our many creations.
Online Consideration: Words Hurt
Safe Social Media
The Online Safety Committee regularly meet to discuss important online safety issues and this week we were focusing on social media. We shared many examples of posts on websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and we discussed the positive uses of these websites, as well as how people put themselves at risk. We reported back to our own classes with an update on how to stay safe online, for example: always keep personal information private in both pictures and words, always have an adult's permission and supervision before you post, always be positive and considerate to other people, and always report concerns to an adult or Child Net or CEOP.