Pine 4

Welcome to Pine 4!
2019 - 2020
Miss Johal - Class Teacher
Mrs Shaw - Teaching Assistant

Hi Year 4!

Wow... we can't believe it is the final week of your home learning. Although this year has been a shorter one than usual, we really have enjoyed getting to know you and the time we had together. Keep working hard and smiling! We can't wait to see you again in September!

From Miss Chamberlain, Miss Johal, Mrs Shaw and Miss Dow


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Join Emma and James from Embody every morning with 'Wake Up and Dance' Classes from 9:00 - 9:10am. Helping to keep everyone happy, active and energised! 

PE with Joe every morning at  9am:

You could also download the TopYa! Active app, where you can get feedback from virtual coaches. Have a look on the school homepage to find out more information about this.

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Spring 2
Windows of the past
Spring 1
Blue Abyss
This half term, Pine 4's theme has been the 'Blue Abyss'. We have been looking at our oceans and the damage we are causing to them! 
Did you know over 70% of the Earth's surface is water? We really need to start protecting our oceans more!
Pine 4 have written some very persuasive speeches to persuade you, yes you, to stop using single use plastic as it is having devastating consequences. 
Have a listen... Have you been persuaded yet? We have! 
Autumn 2
Traders and Raiders

Gregolf the Viking showed us some important artefacts that belonged to the Vikings. These included: weapons (spears and battle axes); armour (including helmets, chainmail and shields) and other useful implements, such as the ear scraper and the piece of cotton wool for wiping their bottoms with after a visit to the toilet!  

We became real life traders for a session, looking at different artefacts that would have been sold during Viking times, adding prices together and seeing if we had enough coins. 

Year 4 got to play some traditional Viking games.  At the end of the day, Gregolf told us a Viking myth all about Thor the Mighty, Loki and Freyja the Goddess of Beauty working together to trick Thrym the Giant.  

'I learned that Vikings wore really heavy armour that you can't cut through,' Leighton.

'My most enjoyable experience was the Viking shields and I learned how Vikings made swords,' Max.

'I learned that Vikings don't have horns on their helmets,' Kai.

'Today I learned that Vikings needed scales for trading,' Alfie.

'Vikings are still living now.  I loved everything because it was all great,' James.

'I have learned that they used a candle for a light,' Emile.

'Today I learned that a place called Valhalla is where all of the Vikings who were killed in battle go in the afterlife,' Holly B.


Autumn 1
Voyage into the Unknown
Pine 4 chose their most memorable experience of this half term:
'My most memorable moment is when I started to learn about our topic,' Cassey.
'I loved being with my friends and teachers and learning about Charlie Small.  I loved adventuring in the jungle,' Amy T.
'It was definitely the school trip to Conkers and my favourite thing was the camping,' Zane.
'My most memorable experience was the fruit kebab,' Jensen.
'Going to Conkers is my most memorable experience of Voyage into the Unknown,' Taylor.
'My most memorable moment was every day because I have the best teachers and friends.  I would love to go to school seven days a week.  BEST half term ever!' Korlie.


Today, we were lucky enough to visit Conkers. We learnt how to survive in the wilderness using minimal equipment. We created our own shelters using natural materials that we could find on the forest floor. We then created fires using steel and flint tools, cotton wool and wood shavings. We learnt the basic skills of survival and even got a treat at the end - a toasted marshmallow! 

'I enjoyed making the fire with my friends,' Amy. 

'My favourite activity was when we used the flint and steel to light the fire,' Billy. 

'I really liked it when we made a shelter out of sticks and logs,' Cassey. 

'The Bushcraft activity and toasting marshmallows was a truly delicious and amazing experience,' Daniel. 

'The best thing was everything,' Jensen. 

'My favourite experience was making a fire because I finally accomplished it! Overall 100/100,' Korlie.


Food Technology
Since finding out that Charlie was trapped in a tropical rainforest, we researched the possible foods that would come from this destination. We found out that these fruits come from tropical rainforests and jungles: avocado, starfruit, banana, papaya, grapefruit, dates, lime, mango, kiwi, lemon, pomegranate, orange, coconut, golden berry, pineapple, lychee, passionfruit,  jackfruit, mandarin. From finding out this information, we decided to make tropical fruit skewers.

We had to use certain cutting techniques, such as the bridge and claw, to chop the fruits safely. We also had to peel fruits and arrange by threading the fruits onto skewers.


Sustainable Travel

We were lucky enough to have Louise visit us from Warwickshire Road Safety. She taught us all about the importance of sustainable travel, building on what we learned last year about safe places to cross. We spoke about active travel and the reasons that people don’t travel to school in these ways but we also came up with some solutions to their excuses.


Pine class have been excited to join Charlie Small, from ‘Charlie Small: Gorilla City’ on his round the world adventures. We are creating our own journals based on a journey similar to Charlie Small’s. We have encountered different habitats, where our science skills are required to help us categorise the critters and understand their relationships with each other and where they live. We have also employed our geography skills to identify countries outside Europe.
Welcome to Maple 3!
2018 - 2019
Miss Chamberlain - Class Teacher
Mrs Calloway - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Summer 1
Mighty Metals
When the children came in this morning, there was lots of mysterious pieces of metal on their tables. These were jumbled up with twigs, shells and sand. They had to try and predict where they thought that the items had come from. They sorted the items, first based on their own criteria, then whether they were magnetic or non-magnetic. They then found out (from a maths activity) that the parts belonged to the Iron Man. Mrs Albrighton found a book about this in the library so we began to read it. 


When they were looking at the items on their tables, here is what the children thought:



'This is a jack for a car.' Zac.


'I think that this has come from a robot and the wires control it,' Mason.


'That .looks like it’s an engine from a bike,' Kai.


'I think that part of a satellite has fallen onto the beach,' Sophie.


'It’s part of a cuttlefish from the beach,' Amy.


'It’s a spring from a car,' Jensen.


'I think that someone has been searching the beach with a metal detector,' Alex.


Spring 2
Tales of the Unexpected
When we returned to school on 26th February, we had an exciting day where we were immersed in the culture of Scotland. We had the opportunity to try many different Scottish foods, such as smoked salmon and Irn Bru. We then got to learn a Scottish dance with our very own professional, Mrs Willis.

In the afternoon, we received a mysterious letter from the chief at the Daily Drumnadrochit. He told us that we were to be trainee journalists. Our first task was to predict where we thought a mysterious egg may have come from. Hopefully we will find out more as we read 'The Water Horse' and follow the adventures of Kirstie and her family.


Spring 1
Tribal Tales
Take One Author - Ted Hughes
Year 3 experienced life in the Stone Age on their return to school. The day involved excavating real life artefacts, creating a museum, making bronze age jewellery, making stone age pottery, grinding their own flour, making their own stone age weapons and weaving material. Lots was learned about how Stone Age people lived and we all had great fun!
Autumn 2
Overground, Underground
Autumn 1
Lost in America
'This term we are learning all about North America.  So far we learned that a dog called Larry was lost in America.  He then went to Washington DC.  There was a letter that said he was afraid to be away but loved to play.  Will we find him?' Alex.
Welcome to Juniper 2!
Miss Noctor - Class Teacher
Mrs Whitlock - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Year 2 are continuing with their Summer 1 theme due to SATs.
Summer 1
Spring 2
This half term we will be covering our theme Street Detectives and our Take One Author, Roald Dahl.


When Year 2 returned to school they discovered that they had been left a mysterious message from Mufasa the lion. He asked the children to find out all about lions and what life is like in Africa. He explained that to join him in the Pride Lands they would need to complete many challenges over the coming weeks.