Pine 4

Welcome to Pine 4!
2022 - 2023
Mrs Atkins/Mr Bright - Class Teachers
Mrs Faultless/Mrs Komuszynska - Teaching Assistants
Spring 1
Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers
Autumn 2
On Thursday 8th December 2022, seven girls from Year 4 took part in the Year 4 Girls Indoor 5-a-side Warton Shield North Warwickshire Football Finals. The girls had already got through the group stage and they played really well in the finals. The girls drew their first game and then narrowly lost their last 2 games.  This meant that they came 4th overall. Still a really positive result seeing that the girls had already got through the group stages. We want to say to the girls that everyone at Birchwood is super proud of you all, you all played really well. Well done girls.
To start off our Anglo-Saxon learning, Year 4 were visited by the History Squad. We got the chance to learn about everyday life for the Anglo Saxons and look at some artefacts from the time. We got to hold weapons, helmets, shields and everyday items that were replicas of items believed to be used by the Anglo Saxons.
Autumn 1
Roman Britain
After looking at some examples of Roman coil pots and comparing them to coil pots made by Elizabeth Fritsch, we had a go at using the coil method to make our own pots. 
On Monday 17th October, Year 4 went to Roman Mancetter and Boudicca Heritage Centre. Whilst we were there, the children made their own mosaics and learnt how to be a Roman soldier, including performed some battle tactics. As well as that, they learnt how the Romans made their roads, like Watling Street, so straight and about different types of Roman pottery that have been found around Mancetter.  We had a brilliant time and the staff there were very impressed with all of the children's knowledge about the Romans, well done!
In our outdoor PE lessons this half term we will be learning how to play hockey.  The first thing we had to learn was how to hold a hockey stick properly.  After that, we practised some dribbling and passing.
This half term, our Science topic is sound. In this lesson, we were playing different instruments to see which part was vibrating to make the sound. We also explored how each instrument could make a higher or lower sound and how we could change the volume of the sound. 
Why was the Roman army so successful? How did the Romans shape Britain? Who was Boudica? We will explore the invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius, the power and success of the Roman army and how the Romans changed Britain. Although they were well-trained and disciplined on the battlefield, they were not always fighting. We will learn that the Romans brought many things into the lives of Britons of the time including founding cities, building new roads and the idea of money and coins.   
Welcome to Maple 3!
2021 - 2022
Mrs Lewin/Mrs Davis - Class Teachers
Miss Dow - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Take one Author - Roald Dahl
What a tasty topic this one is! All of Year Three have a golden ticket to take a journey with Mr Willy Wonka as he endeavours to turn his chocolate factory into an equally delicious yet healthier option. We must try, test and sell our healthy product ideas to ensure they are worthy enough to be sold and created by his trusty Oompa Loompas.
Summer 1
Ancient Greece
Visit this fascinating European country with us and find out about the weather, landscape, landmarks and culture. Travel back to Ancient Greece to discover how our lives today have been influenced by this exciting and important time in history. While you're there, take part in some exhilarating Olympic events and discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets. Meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships. Explore the terrains of Greece, where in pure blue skies, the Sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus. Then decide your own fate when a mysterious box is found and stirs your curious mind.
Spring 2
 Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Come and join us on a magnificent adventure where we discover what is beneath our feet. We follow the adventures of the famous fossil hunter - Mary Anning. Also venturing inside the workings of the world’s most explosive and dangerous volcanos and even having a go at making our own volcanic explosions. Engage in limitless fun and explosive excitement! 
Spring 1
Forces, Magnets and Metals
Hogarth and The Iron Man from our key text ‘The Iron Man’ are our guides through our Forces, Magnets and Metals theme. We learn all about different metals and what they are used for, explore magnetism and how this works, along with focusing our scientific investigations on forces.
Autumn 2
Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
Throughout this half term, we go 2.6 million years back in time by reading ‘The Great Storm’ by Terry Deary. We learn about the exciting discoveries, particularly during the Neolithic period. We learn about changes in diet, tools, art and housing as we venture through to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, making comparisons to how we live nowadays.
Autumn 1
Road Trip USA!
Maple class had a fantastic day at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Luckily the weather was kind to us and we had a rain free day. We had fun searching the woodland and pond habitats doing a bit of minibeast hunting and pond dipping, we even found some newts in the pond.  Afterwards we had a session all about plants. We learnt about what plants need to grow well and about the life cycle of a plant, which involved one of us getting dressed up as a bee! 
Year 3 have had a letter from Larry the dog and his owner Pete to invite them to go on a road trip around the USA. So we packed our suitcases, got on a plane and looked forward to the adventure. The problem was Larry kept getting lost so Pete needed our help to find him in the different states. We have already explored San Francisco in California, Washington DC and New York, we will soon be moving to Texas and then finally Los Angeles to take a walk along the iconic Hollywood walk of fame, it will be quite a journey! Along the way, we will research iconic American people, make traditional American dishes and identifying physical and human features of North America. We even had a go at designing and building our own bridges after finding out about the world famous Golden Gate Bridge.
Welcome to Larch 2!
2020 - 2021
Mrs Clarke/Mrs Bayliss - Class Teachers
Mrs Faultless - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2

Grab your bucket and spade and let’s head to the coast! On the beach we will learn about the physical and human features that can be found and explore how life in a coastal town compares to life here in the Midlands. As an island we are surrounded by the sea so we will take a closer look at which seas specifically surround the United Kingdom and the wildlife that inhabits them. We will also explore how to stay safe when we are near water.


Summer 1
Land Ahoy!
On Wednesday Year 2 spent a swashbuckling day in the life of a pirate. We were joined by Richard from 'The History Squad' who taught us lots of information about pirates.
To start with he taught us special pirate vocabulary such as 'stern', 'bow', 'port' and 'starboard'. When given orders by the Captain, we had to run to the correct place on the ship. Richard then showed us some artefacts. We were able to hold pieces of eight, canon balls, a cutlass and even had a go a firing real pistol (don't worry it wasn't loaded!) Can you believe we played games that pirates would have played on their ships? It was a very fun day and we learnt lots.
Year 2 would like to say a big thank you to 'The History Squad'.
Spring 2
Bright Lights, Big City
We celebrated the end of our theme by going to a Royal Tea   Party with Paddington Bear. Paddington was able to travel in style on a red bus made during our DT moving vehicles project. We wore our finest outfits and enjoyed cake along with Paddington’s marmalade on toast. We were also honoured to welcome a special visitor, Sergeant Harrison, who explained what life was life as a soldier guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the crown jewels at the Tower of London!
Silly old Paddington Bear…he packed his bags for his tea party invitation and spilt marmalade all over his invite…we had to help him using our inference skills by working out where he was going and who he was visiting.
In Year 2 we have been busy ‘visiting’ landmarks in London. We used a green screen app and chose our favourite landmarks to add our photographs.

Winter Wish Lists - Reading for Pleasure

At Birchwood, we have been working extremely hard to promote the power and enjoyment of reading for our children, as we know that being a successful reader is one of the key indicators to future success in life.

We pride ourselves on nurturing skilful and enthusiastic readers within school, providing children with memorable experiences such as exciting activities. Although we work diligently to promote reading within school, we value your support greatly in creating a positive reading culture at home; it is vital that children are encouraged to read high quality texts.

At the moment, we know that many of us are spending more time indoors than we normally would, providing our children with even more opportunities to read for pleasure in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, we have compiled a list of inspiring, excellent books for both you and your child to enjoy – both independently and as a shared reading book. On this list you will find some children’s classics, as well as some new bestselling books, and some award winning texts which have been celebrated widely within the reading community. We have selected these books to cater for a variety of reading tastes, and we have included books ranging from wild adventure stories, spooky ghost tales, books which celebrate diversity and difference, and those which promote kindness and emotional wellbeing.

Please click below to view your child's Winter Wish List. 

Autumn 2
Movers and Shakers
Take One Author : Oliver Jeffers
Take One Author : Oliver Jeffers
'Stuck has been my favourite book because it is so funny,'Theo.
'My brain gets filled with words and I get to write them down,' Poppy.
'You can be whoever you want to be when writing,' Vinny.
'Oliver Jeffers makes your imagination grow,' Thea.

Movers and Shakers

'Rosa Parks was so brave! She is amazing!' Jensen.

'Votes for Women! Women should be treated equally!' Karinna.

'I have been to Robert Peel Hospital. Now I know it is named after the man who invented the police,' Rosie.

'I can’t believe women weren’t allowed in the police!' Ava.

'I have loved using the Ipads to do our work on Emmeline Pankhurs,' Jacob.

Autumn 1
Wiggle and Crawl 
Year 2 arrived back at school to find a surprising letter from Paddington Bear asking them to help his rainforest friends.
Year 2 are now on a learning journey with Paddington to find out all about the rainforest, what is going on and how we can help.
'It's really sad the rainforests are being destroyed,'  Billy.
'I love learning about nature,' Stanley.
'I've found lots of things around my house that contain palm oil,' Izabella.
'There's even palm oil in the food I eat at home!' Thea.
Welcome to Hazel 1!
2019 - 2020
Miss Purdy - Class Teacher
Mrs Tucker - Teaching Assistant
  Hi Hazel 1!

We hope that you have had a good week and enjoyed taking part in some more of your home learning activities.

It has been lovely to see you all continue to take part in the activities we have been setting you. 

Underneath this post you should see a new set of activities for the week beginning Monday 13th July. We hope you enjoy completing these and we look forward to seeing some more of your amazing work. Keep it up Hazel 1. We are very proud of you all.

Remember to keep sending photographs of you completing your tasks to which may then go on the 'Staying Connected' page on the website. 

Below are some web site links to help you stay active...

Join Emma and James from Embody every morning with 'Wake Up and Dance' Classes from 9:00 - 9:10am. 

Helping to keep everyone happy, active and energised!

PE with Joe every morning at  9am

Remember to STAY SAFE online too.  Visit 

Have fun joining in with some of the Now Press Play adventures by visiting

Keep smiling!

We will see you all soon.

From Miss Purdy, Mrs Tucker (and Patrick the Panda)

Spring 1
Turrets and Tiaras

After reading ‘The Princess and the Pea, we decided to use the leftover peas and cook pea and mint soup.


‘I love cooking! I will try and make this for my grown ups when I get home,’ Thomas.


‘It was delicious!’ Isaac.



Exploring tints and tones of colour to recreate a fire or ice version of Paul Klee’s ‘Castle and Sun’ painting.


‘I feel like a real artist,’ Thea.


Autumn 2
The Magic Toybox
Autumn 1
Here Come the Aliens!


As part of our ‘Democracy Day’ we first reminded ourselves about British values and our rights and responsibilities.

We then learned about what happens inside the Houses of Parliament and the roles that different members have.

To reflect on what we had learned about democracy and fairness, we decided to hold a vote by secret ballot on which story to have read to us.


We enjoyed cooking pear crumble using pears freshly picked from our very own Birchwood orchard.
We practised our weighing, cutting and mixing skills and the results were delicious.
'I can't wait to do some more cooking. I'm going to help cook at home to get better,' Isaac.
We were very excited to attend our first tea party of the year for achieving our reading target as a whole class.
Mrs Day read us 'Guess How Much I Love You' by Sam McBratney and 'Snow Bears' by Martin Waddell and the delicious cakes were supplied by Mrs Tucker.