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Welcome to the School Council!
The sponsored read became the sponsored walk this year and was a huge success. The school council put plans in place for each year group to have an allocated time slot, and to walk/run as many laps of the school as they could. Each person had a card to stamp their laps so that the school total could be added up. Altogether we walked/ran 1711km - which is the equivalent distance from Polesworth to Seville in Southern Spain!! The school had a brilliant atmosphere, and lots of money was raised for our chosen charity Zellweger UK. Thank you to everyone for your support!! Perhaps this is one to repeat next year...?!
The school council have been elected and are ready and raring to take on their responsibilities for the summer term and for the next academic year. They have all met with Mrs Hill and are looking forward to getting stuck into representing the student voice for Birchwood. They have already suggested some great ideas for fundraising and will hopefully be setting up a sponsored read to raise money for new books over May half term.
Watch this space!

Chosen Charity for the Year 2019 - 2021

Zellweger UK
Amount raised so far: £1750.14
The School Council and Mrs Hill would like to thank every single one of you for your fantastic effort in our recent Sponsored Read.
You raised £640.05 which is awesome!!  With an additional 60% from Usborne, Birchwood has £1024.08 to spend!! 
Mrs Hill is busy looking through the catalogue so each year group will come back to new books which is great news.
Well done everyone! Another example of our Birchwood Best!
School council had the pleasure of  meeting with two Councillors,  Michael Osbourne and Dave Parsons, from the Polesworth Council today. They joined us to discuss ways in which money, from the new developments, could be used to improve Abbey Green Park. The school councillors will be compiling a list of suggestions, with the help of their classes, and give it to the Polesworth Councillors in two weeks time.
Mrs Webb came along to our meeting to speak with the school councillors about becoming Wellbeing monitors. This role involves directing class mates to the Wellbeing board when needed, and encouraging everyone to be aware of our ‘mental wellbeing 5 a day’ to help stay happy. The school councillors were excited to take on this role.
Congratulations to our School Councillors and Vice Councillors who were elected by their classmates on Friday.  The children take these positions in school very seriously, even completing speeches and posters at home, to aid them in their election campaign.
Mrs Hill is looking forward to meeting you all for your first School Council meeting on Thursday at lunchtime in Willow Class.  Mrs Day will also be there to discuss options for this year's chosen charity and Children in Need.

Chosen Charity for the Year 2018/19 - NSPCC
Wow! We have raised:
Thank you very much for all of your support.
Mr Coleman and Miss Aston were invited along to our school council meeting to discuss our idea of a fundraising day based on ‘The Arts’. It was very positive and hopefully more details are to follow...!
The school council were really pleased to get some responses from local businesses after their request to help with a charity function for the NSPCC.
Thank you to the Snowdome and Sainsbury’s for their kind donations. 
School Council met with Liz Peat, who is the Area Manager for Educaterers Limited. This is the company who organises our school dinners. The children fed back to her and gave her some ideas about foods they would like on the menus and their thoughts on school dinners. 
A note from the School Council
At this year’s Christmas Fair, we are holding a book stall to raise money for the NSPCC. If you have any unwanted books you would like to donate, please could you bring them into school on Thursday 6th December 2018. We will be selling good quality books for £1 each and small books for 50p each. Thank you for supporting us.
The School Council.

Chosen Charity for the Year 2017/18 - Warwickshire Young Carers.
On the last day of Summer 1, the School Council organised a 'Future Dreams' dressing up day.  As well as raising money for this year's chosen charity, everyone enjoyed sharing what they would like to be when they have grown up.
Can you guess what they would like to be?

The School Council have members from Year 1 up to Year 6.  We have been elected by our classmates and our job is to be the voice of the pupils in our school.

So far this year we have chosen the school charity, Warwickshire Young Carers, as well as meeting visitors to Birchwood.  We have picked presents for our Mothers’ Day sale and elected to hold a WWF day. 

School Councillors meet regularly with Mrs Hill to discuss school issues, and Vice Councillors are invited to the important decision-making meetings.

Liam and Layton (School Councillors), and Katie (Vice Councillor) – Year 5


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Chosen Charity for the Year 2016/17 - The Buddy Bag Foundation

Chosen Charity for the Year 2015/16 - Polesworth Group Homes.