Birchwood Best Summer 2

Bella's comic strip.
Science at home. The plan is to build a rocket ship next!
Harvey's video about Neil Armstrong.
Alex would like to share a video he has made about Eco Bricks.

Waking up alone was strange, but nothing of course could have prepared me for the sights that lay before my eyes. All of the windows in my house were smashed. I wondered why? I cant find my violin. There doesn’t seem to be any music. I feel sad that there is no music. There are no people anywhere. I wonder where all the people went. There is no one to talk to. This makes me feel lonely. I cant have any parties when its my birthday. Things aren’t much fun.

The houses are made of wood. The houses from the past all fell down, and wood is the only material we have now. The beds are crumbly. The tables don’t smell very nice. Everything is rotten wood.

When I looked out of my bedroom window, my drive was full of bin bags. They hadn’t been collected for years. It smelled very stinky!

by Zac