Willow 6

Welcome to Willow 6!
2019 - 2020
Miss Mould - Class Teacher
Mrs Finch - Teaching Assistant

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Spring 1
We'll Meet Again
Autumn 2
ID and The Arrival
Autumn 1
Extraordinary Beings
Well done Year 6 for all your hard work this half term.
'I enjoyed PE because we played Tag Ruby.  I'm a fan of rugby and I play rugby out of school,' Casey.
'I like that we can read for pleasure more and get sucked into a whole new world.  It feels like I am part of the adventure,' Bobbie.
'I have enjoyed going out with Mrs Smith to do some maths because I learned BODMAS,' Mia.
'I liked learning about angles because at first it was slightly challenging but I have learned more and it is now easy,' name withheld.
'My favourite time was the class assembly about evolution,' Lily R.
'This half term I have loved indoor PE because we did gymnastics and yoga,' Hanna.
'I particularly enjoyed the practise SATs tests because they help me understand what I need to practise on,' Violet.
'I really enjoy that we get lots of time to read because the school have really good and interesting books and reading really calms me,' Lily O.
'I really enjoyed the jobs I do like fruit trolley, playleading and librarian,' Lewis C.
'I enjoy lunchtime because of the yummy food and talking to my friends,' Natalia.
'I like everything in Year 6 but I particularly like the teachers and the lessons we do.  I like the teachers because they are really nice and help me out a lot and I like the lessons because they are really fun,' Logan F.
'I like Base Skills because it teaches you to learn new things and you don't just have to stick to one skill,' name withheld.
'I enjoyed learning about democracy! I want to be an MP when I'm older,' George.
'I loved the memory game we made in science,' Meredith.
'I liked the other day when the nurses came in to speak to us,' name withheld.
'My favourite part of Year 6 is my teachers Miss Mould and Mrs Finch.  They are both lovely and kind and are incredible Year 6 teachers.  Mrs Hill is also amazing and really nice,' Emelia.
Welcome to Sycamore 5!
2018 - 2019
Miss Norton/Mrs Davis - Class Teachers
Mrs Stubbs - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Gods and Mortals
Summer 1
Take One Author - Carol Ann Duffy
Spring 2
Clans of Ancient Darkness
'On Monday 25th February, the year 5 teachers experienced a shocking break-in by an animal.  The following day we discovered the mysterious animal, which we heard on Mrs Davies' iPad, was a colossal bear!  We were astonished as many of the clues were revealed.
So far we have cooked 'Torak's Fish Pie' - which was fun and exciting.  We were intrigued to watch Mrs Clements fillet a fish, though others were disgusted.  To make the Fish Pie we were split into three different groups and each group made a part of the pie.  
Then we did 'Now, Press, Play'.  Year 5 travelled back in time to the Stone Age.  All of us got to shoot a mammoth which was pretty hard.  Overall, we have enjoyed every moment of our theme so far, I don't want it to end!' Lily and Molly.
Today, we stepped back in time to the Stone Age era - when Wolf Brother was set - and excitedly explored the lands as Torak did.  During our dramatic adventure, we faced ferocious wolves, hunted deer and even caught a woolly mammoth.
Spring 1
From Rags to Riches
We were lucky to have visitors from Middleton Hall come and share their knowledge of the Victorian period with us. They showed us old photographs of the building and its wealthy residents, brought Victorian artefacts for us to examine and helped us to create our own Victorian menu!
Autumn 2
'On Wednesday 20th November, Sycamore and Teak classes had an amazing experience.  A sewer, Mary, came in to help us make a giant Birchwood Tree.  We stitched leaves and some people did a trunk.  It was a great day.'
'An artist named Mary came into Year 5 today to teach us how to sew.  She helped us to make our Birchwood symbol.  The Art Council sewed the lettering, 4 or 5 people sewed the trunk, and the rest of Year 5 sewed the leaves.  Mary showed us how to create lots of different patterns like Xs, stars and lots more.'
Autumn 1
I am Warrier!
'In September all of year 5 took part in a Roman Boot Camp, which included different activities like speed marching, javelin, chariot racing and long jump.  We wanted to learn all about the Romans.  My favourite activity was speed marching because I managed to do 12 laps,' Mia.
'All of year 5 took part in a Boot Camp to learn about the Romans.  We really enjoyed the speed marching, javelin, chariot racing and long jump.  My favourite activity was long jump,' Faith.
Welcome to Pine 4!
2017 - 2018
Mr Hammersley - Class Teacher
Mrs Faultless - Teaching Assistant
Summer 2
Windows To The Past
'On Monday Pine 4 learned about our new theme.  We researched facts about the Tudor monarchs,' Mia.
Summer 1
Some of Year 4 enjoyed a morning of watercolour painting with Mrs Davis.
Our theme this half term is Blue Abyss.
Spring 2 
This half term we will be covering our theme Tomb of Treasure and our Take One Author, Anne Fine.
Pine and Redwood enjoyed an afternoon of PE with Mr Dorman and Mr Partridge from Top Score despite a very heavy overcast sky and intermittent rain.
We will be professional Tennis players before we know it!
This week Year 4 had a visit from the science teachers from The Polesworth School. The children had to follow a method to make play dough.  They then moulded their play dough into scientific equipment.


This term year 4 will be learning about, the invaders and settlers of our past -  the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. This interactive topic allows the children to understand how important this group was in the chronology of Britain through research, discussion and creative input.