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A Visit from SPOZ

Year 6 spent the morning with poet, SPOZ.  In groups of 5 or 6, they wrote their own poems about refugees and migrants, linking into their theme The New Arrival.
After giving themselves a group name and performing their poems, judges Mrs Oz and Miss Mould had a tough time choosing an overall winner.
Then it was Year 5's turn to spend the afternoon writing poems about consideration and Kensuke's Kingdom.
'My favourite part was when we made up poems about ourselves using the 'I've got words ....' format,' Charlie.
'I learnt that poems don't have to rhyme,' Michael.
'I really enjoyed the competition at the end where we wrote and performed poems about migrants and identify,' James W.
'We had to find as many words as we could to rhyme with 'create, education and inspire'.  My group found 43 different words,' Fern.
'I learnt that poems and poetry is not as boring as I thought!' Cassidy.
'I learnt that songs and raps are also types of poetry.  RAP is an acronym for rhythm and poetry,' Sebastian.