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Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass
There are estimates that between 830,000 and over a million children in the United Kingdom live in homes where there is Domestic Abuse.  Children who live in homes where there is domestic abuse, or who experience domestic abuse in their own teenage relationships, can be negatively impacted by this experience throughout their lives.
Operation Encompass is a police and school early intervention safeguarding information sharing partnership which supports children experiencing domestic violence and abuse.
This is a national scheme that operates jointly between schools and all police forces.
Operation Encompass means that our school will be told, prior to the start of the next school day, when police have attended an incident of domestic abuse where there is a child or young person who attends our school who is related to any of those involved in the incident.  Information is shared with the Headteacher and the Designated Safeguarding Lead as the trained key adults in school for Operation Encompass. 
This information means that we can understand a childʼs behaviour and support that child in whatever way they may need or want.  
At Birchwood, children's welfare is at the heart of what we do and we look to offer the very best support possible to all our pupils.  We believe that being part of Operation Encompass helps us to do this.