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Summer Term 2023/24 Home Learning
Spring Term 2023/24 Home Learning
Autumn Term 2023/24 Home Learning
Home Learning and Reading at Home.
At Birchwood we are always looking to improve how we do things and are always looking for ways to give children more choice and independence in their learning. This year we have made some positive changes to our approach to Home Learning across school.
Children will no longer receive a piece of written Home Learning each week. Instead they will receive a selection of project choices at the start of each term. These are based on the themes they will be studying and others will be skills or curriculum knowledge based. Each half term, we will be asking children to complete 2 choices, one theme based and one other option, making a total of 4 choices over the full term. Children will be able to choose how they show and share their learning, for example through photos, making, writing or drawing.
We hope that the changes made to Home Learning will not only increase the choice, independence and enjoyment of children’s learning at home, but will also allow more flexibility in the way families can approach learning at home. Removing the weekly written piece of Home Learning will enable families to focus more on encouraging children to read during the week, whilst providing flexibility over the timings of the completion of Home Learning project choices.
This week the children brought in the first of their completed choices. During the week they have had the opportunity to share their learning with adults and children and receive feedback and praise on their learning. We were blown away with the response from children and are really proud of the outstanding ‘Learning Behaviours’ shown by our children. My favourite comment from a child was ‘Home Learning? This is more like Home Fun!’ I hope our new approach to learning at home continues to be popular with both our children and parents.
Weekly reading remains the most important aspect of Home Learning! There is an expectation that ALL children read at least 4 times a week. Regular reading is crucial for development in all subject areas and has the most impact on children’s learning and progress across the