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House Captains - 2023-2024

Last week, we had the pleasure of holding the elections for the Year 6 House captains for 2023 and 2024. A record number of pupils decided to put their names forward for each house, and the quality and care that was put into every speech was fantastic. Every child who entered the election did their house credit and I was very pleased to see the enthusiasm with which they all approached the contest.

After some very close voting and careful counting, we are very pleased to announce that Birchwood House Captains this year are:

Morris – Abbey

Chaytor – Zuzanna

Goodere – Ryan

Chetwynd – Dolly Mae

A very big, Birchwood congratulations to our new House Captains, and thank you to all who entered. We will shortly be announcing the first House Captain competition, so watch this space!

House Captains 2022 - 2023

What a competition! Over the past few weeks, the children at Birchwood have been participating in our ‘Eco Art’ contest to produce amazing pieces of sculpture, drawing, collage and model making. Each piece was designed to celebrate marine life around the world, and to highlight the dangers faced by these creatures due to plastic wastes and pollution. The quality of the entries to this competition was absolutely superb! All of the house captains were blown away by the care, creativity and enthusiasm put into every one of the pieces we received!

However, there could only be one winning house, and this time, the house with the highest number of entries was Chetwynd! In second place was Goodere, and in third place was Morris. It was a very close-run competition, with only three entries between the winners and second place!

Individual winners for each house were…

Chetwynd: Maisie Rose and Dolly-Mae Perks

Goodere: Penelope Draper and Ellie Yates

Morris: Lucie Bayliss and Rory White

Chaytor: Libby Sampson and Charlie Palmer

This half term, our House Captains have greatly enjoyed judging the entries to our ‘Winter Wonderland’ competition. We had lots of entries and some superb winners from each house.

With a week’s break ahead of us, this is the perfect time to complete your entries for our latest competition – the ‘Ocean Art’ challenge. Details of this were sent out earlier this half term, but as a reminder, the challenge is to create a piece of art, which celebrates marine life and encourages people to protect and cherish our oceans. All entries will win a house point for their house team, and winners will be chosen for each individual house and key stage. Lastly, a select few winners will have their entry submitted to a wider competition across 18 schools. 

So please, get creative and have a go at this competition! Get your entries in to your class teacher by Wednesday 1st March.

Thank you and have a fantastic half term holiday!

Mr Hammersley and the Birchwood House Captains.


Last Friday, our House Captains blasted off to the National Space Centre with the children from Lanchester Primary School who were visiting Birchwood. Whilst visiting the Space Centre, Elsie, Troy, Matilda and Mya explored our Solar System, practised their launch procedure and had the opportunity to inspect some of the real equipment used by British astronauts. Later, they soared through space in the planetarium and took part in a workshop, which really was rocket science!

With a new school year beginning at Birchwood, and a new year 6, our children have recently had the opportunity to elect their new House Captains. This year’s elections were hotly-contested, with many children volunteering as candidates. Every candidate produced and delivered a speech to the members of their house before voting took place. The quality and enthusiasm of these speeches were some of the best that we have seen at Birchwood, and every child who put themselves forward should be proud of their achievements. However, there could only be one winner for each house, and after the dust had settled, our new House Captains had been chosen!

The Birchwood House Captains for 2022/23 are…

Goodere – Elsie

Chaytor – Mya

Morris – Matilda

Chetwynd – Troy

Our new House Captains and I have already met and put together the first of the House Captain challenges for this school year – the poetry challenge! We’re very excited to see the first entries come in and cannot wait to announce our first winners after the half term break, so please – support your house team and get involved!

 Mr Hammersley and the Birchwood House Captains.

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