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Hello again from all of the Birchwood House Captains!

This is the final chatter from Troy, Elsie, Matilda and Mya and to finish our year, we are setting you one final challenge! Every year, we challenge the children at Birchwood to design a new ‘postcard home’. These postcards are sent out every week to celebrate the achievements and successes of one member of every class in school. They are our way of  saying a huge ‘well done’ to an individual who has shone especially brightly.

As usual, there will be a KS1 and KS2 winner from each house, but the overall winner of this competition will have their artwork printed on the front of our postcards, with their name written underneath. This is a fantastic way to show off your creative skills to the entire school!

Letters with the details will be coming home very shortly, and you should try to get your completed entries in to your class teacher by Friday 14th July. The winners will be announced soon after.

So get designing, good luck and have a fantastic summer holiday!

The Birchwood House Captains and Mr Hammersley.


Happy Easter from all of the Birchwood House Captains! It’s that time of year again where we begin to think about Spring and the arrival of new life. To celebrate it, our House Captains have chosen to theme our annual LEGO competition around animals. We are asking you to build a model of your favourite furry friends using LEGO or any other type of modelling material. Just a few rules apply. Your model must not be built as a kit. Use your powers of imagination and creation to construct a model that is 100% yours. You can submit your entry by sending a picture of your model to Mr Hammersley using the eschools platform, or you can simply bring your creation into school to be judged by our House Captains. As always, each house will have a winner for KS1 and for KS2, and the house with the highest total will win the overall prize for this competition. Entries need to be submitted before Monday 22nd May.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Have a fantastic holiday!

The Birchwood House Captains and Mr Hammersley.

Our latest House Competition involved creating a piece of art work in response to the theme ‘ocean’. This was also an opportunity for our children to raise an awareness to protect our oceans. We have been overwhelmed by the number of entries where a variety of techniques have been used such as drawing, collage and sculpture. This competition has also taken place in 18 other schools across our academy. On Wednesday 15th March, our entries will be entered into a further competition with the winners from the other schools. It was a difficult task choosing three winners from each Key Stage but 6 pieces were finally chosen.

Key Stage 1

Libby, Sophie and Kairi.

Key Stage 2

Darcie, Charlie and Dolly-Mai.

Well done to everyone that took part.

House Captains Chatter

It is nearly the end of our school year, and the House Captains and I have had the job of counting the final scores for our House Captain competitions. We have thoroughly enjoyed coming up with these activities, and there have been some superb entries! From the Autumn-themed poetry to the Lego constructions, a huge amount of effort and enthusiasm went into these and we would like to thank you for supporting your children with them.

After carefully counting the house points, which have been accumulating all year, the winner for 2021-2022, with 614 points, is Goodere! Chetwynd came in second with 552 points, Morris in third with 505 points and Chaytor in fourth with 473 points.

A huge congratulations to Goodere house and best of luck to everyone for next year’s competitions!

Mr Hammersley and the Birchwood House Captains.

Congratulations and well done to everyone who has taken part in our House Competitions this year.  The End of Year results for 2018-2019 are:
Goodere - 60 house points
Chaytor - 59 house points
Chetwyn - 56 house points
Morris - 51 house points
Mr Hammersley will be setting all the House Competitions for 2019-2020, with the help of our 4 new House Captains. The House that has the most number of entries wins the House Trophy for that half term and 4 House points to add to their total. Second place gets 3 house points, third place get 2 and forth place get 1 house point. 
House Competition - The Christmas Challenge
And the results are in!
Congratulations and well done to everyone who entered our competition.  With approximately 150 entries in total, here are the scores:
Goodere with 38 entries - 1st place
Chaytor with 35 entries - 2nd place
Chetwynd  - 3rd place
Morris - 4th place
House Competition - The Christmas Challenge
Trudy, our school Christmas tree, needs your help!
Miss Trudy Tree has packed her bags and has started on her long journey from the North Pole to spend her Christmas Holidays at Birchwood.  Unfortunately, Trudy did not have space in her suitcase to bring all her decorations with her so she is looking to all our brilliant Birchwood children to help her by making decorations for her branches.
When you have finished your creation, remember to label it with your name, class and house name/colour.
Each 'Christmas Decoration' will count towards your House Total.
The House Totals will be read out in assembly on Thursday 6th December.  The House with the highest total number of 'Christmas Decorations' will win the House Christmas Challenge Trophy and 4 House Points!
End of Year Final Results for 2017-18
           First place with 52 points         -        Goodere
           Second place with 51 points    -        Chaytor
           Third place with 46 points        -        Chetwynd
           Fourth place with 43 points      -        Morris
Well done to this year's house captains who have worked incredibly hard to support their houses.  Good luck in High School and don't forget to check back every now and then to see how your house is doing.
KS2 Sports Day
After a very hard fought competition the final results were as follows:
First place and winner of the House Sports Day trophy Chaytor House with 192 points.
Runners up - Goodere House with a score of 148 points.
Third place - Morris House with a score of 128 points.
Fourth place - Chetwynd House with a score of 108 points.
 Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part.
House Competition - Designing the Postcard Home
Well done to everyone who entered our House Competition.  After counting the total entries received for each house the scores were:
Chetwynd - 1st place
Goodere - 2nd place
Morris - 3rd place
Chaytor - 4th place
Mrs Jackson had a very difficult time selecting the overall winner for the KS1 and KS2 postcards.  Huge congratulations go to:
Pal Vyas - KS1
Daniel Burns - KS2