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Managing emotions

It’s always important to address the basic elements of wellbeing, including sleep, exercise, and a healthy balanced diet. Remember that family, community and individual factors all effect resilience. The more resilient we are, the better equipped we seem to be to cope.


Increasing Activity

There is a link between increased activity and positive mental wellbeing in children and young people.

Encourage them to make time for things like socialising, hobbies/ interests, exercise, relaxation etc can be helpful to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing and increase their ability to problem solve and cope with difficulties.

Using timetables and planners can be helpful to plan and schedule time for activity each day!

(Moodjiuce, 2004)

Anxiety and Worry


Anxiety and worry is one of the main concerns parents and families discuss with us about their children.  There are a number of resources that can help with this.  The services above such as Connect for Health and the Family Support Work team can be a great source of advice and guidance.  


For strategies which parents can discuss and implement with their children at home we particularly suggest the 3  'Worries' a guide for parents booklets.  These can be completed, one per week with your child at home and are a fantastic resource.