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Warwickshire Young Carers

Sponsored Charity for the Year 2017-2018 -
Warwickshire Young Carers
Total Money Raised ..... £1428.94
About the charity Warwickshire Young Carers' Project

Warwickshire Young Carers' Project works with Carers from the age of 8 upwards (6 in some areas), and aims to help improve the lives of young carers across Warwickshire. We support young carers in their caring role, give them an opportunity to relax and take a break, and help them to realise their own dreams. 

The services offered by Warwickshire Young Carers' Project include: 

  • Someone to listen to young carers and support them
  • Help young carers to access help from other agencies and service providers
  • Help young carers to get their point across and be heard
  • Provide opportunities for young carers to meet other young carers, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun
  • Regular group activities, workshops, days out and short-breaks
  • Provide support for young carers with their educational needs
  • Help young carers to achieve their goals, have their own life and succeed in the things they may be struggling with
  • Give young carers and opportunity to chat, have a laugh and just relax 

We strive to raise public awareness of unpaid carers in Warwickshire and encourage a wider recognition of their contribution to society. At the same time we provide carers with information and support to assist them in their caring roles and enable them to fulfil their own needs as individuals.

To refer a young person to the service:

If you care for someone who has an illness, disability or dependency upon drugs or alcohol and you would like to know what help is available, please contact us. You can call, write, email or, complete our online enquiry form.

To refer a young person please complete a referral form, return it to us via email to info@warwickshireyoungcarers.org.uk or by post.


For a referral form or for more information