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Wider Curriculum

At Birchwood we are keen to ensure that our school curriculum goes above and beyond the National Curriculum requirements. We believe in giving all children 'Rich Opportunities and Memorable Experiences'.
Our Wider School Curriculum ensures that all children undertake a large number of educational visits each year. These are further supported by a number of visitors who are invited into school to help bring our curriculum to life. Each year group participates in 3 trips each year. The benefits of school trips to a child's learning journey make them an essential part of our children's all round education. Visits out and visitors in help children increase their independence and confidence, take children out of their comfort zone, contribute to a wider world perspective, help children to learn and remember more knowledge and teach them new skills and helps to make learning feel new and exciting.
The children have a number of opportunities throughout the year to perform to each other and their parents. For children who play a musical instrument or who are part of our musical theatre group, their are further opportunities to share their talents.
Children at Birchwood are encouraged to take on a wide variety of additional roles and responsibilities. They all play a key role in the running of our school and it is important that they are given a voice and lead on school improvement. 
House Captains, School and Eco Councilors and our Digital Leaders are rewarded for their efforts and  service with special trips and experiences. House Captains join pupils from our partner school - Lanchester on two local trips to the Space Museum and Cadbury World. Our School Council and Eco Council go on a joint trip to Packington Farm and our Digital Leaders go to London for the Bett Fair and a visit to the West End.
All children get to enjoy a range of BASE activities. BASE stands for Birchwood, Additional, School Experiences. Most of these happen before and after school. Each half term there are around 20 different activities to choose from. 
On a Friday afternoon ALL children take part in their BASE skills. Each year group phase have a wide variety of skills choices on offer. Children get to choose a new BASE skill each half term. This is an opportunity to learn and spend time with different children and teaching staff.