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Ash Dickinson Poet Visit

Ash Dickinson Poet Visit - October 2022
To support our English curriculum, we welcomed poet, Ash Dickinson, into school to work with each class in the run up to National Poetry Day.
Children participated in a workshop where they were able to listen to Ash reciting some of his own poems as well as learn about the process he undertakes to create his poetry. 
Children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 worked with Ash to create a class poem around a particular subject. 
Children in Key Stage 2 were able to put some of the techniques and strategies suggested into practice to create their own group/individual poems. 

'I wrote some poems because when Ash came in, he taught us the importance of poems and how fun they can be. He inspired me so much that I decided to write my own poems and I think I want to be a poet when I grow up,' Romee-Lea.


Had a wonderful two days with you - welcoming, lovely staff, incredibly receptive, engaged, able and joyous kids. Pleasure to be with you. Thanks for the opportunity. - Ash Dickinson