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Digital Leaders

Welcome to Digital Leaders

This week some of our Digital Leaders met with Mr Bright to discuss how our children and staff keep themselves safe when online.

At Birchwood we follow the SMART rules –

  • S encourages young people to be safe by not giving out their personal details online
  • M draws attention to the risks associated with meeting someone you only know online
  • A highlights the risks of accepting emails, pictures and text messages from unknown sources
  • R is a reminder that not all information found online is necessarily reliable
  • T encourages children to tell someone if something happens or they meet someone online that makes them feel uncomfortable

Listen to our podcast about this, on the link below. This will soon be available on our school website under the curriculum tab, Birchwood Beat Radio.


Hello! Us again!

We recently came into your classes (KS2) with a quiz - how did you do? Did you remember how to stay safe online? We think you did a great job and we hope you remember this when you are online over the summer holidays. 

We know you are all super at keeping yourselves safe online after our quiz, but have you thought about your network of trusted adults recently? Who would you speak to if you were worried about something or had a problem online? We hope you have a fantastic summer and stay safe online!

Bye for now! Digital leaders

For our turn in the Chatter this week, we wanted to tell you about our trip to the BETT Fair in London. The BETT fair is a computing fair. We saw lots of educational games, interactive walls and there was even an E-Sports section with a moving seat that moved with the game as if you were actually sitting in the racing car!

We found out lots of new things about Purple Mash and got to code the newest coding robots. We loved it!

We also met Michael Rosen who signed our books and did some sightseeing of London's landmarks (Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the London Eye) while we were there.

This was one of our favourite trips as digital leaders!

Thanks for reading!

Year 4, 5 and 6 digital leaders.

Just before we broke up for Easter, four of our Digital Leaders attended BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) at the ExCel in London alongside colleagues and children from our partner school – Lanchester Primary EP. BETT is the world’s leading education technology show, home to hundreds of the most innovative education service providers and distributors.
Our four Digital Leaders spent the day exploring all the stands, exhibitors and their new products. Our favourite educational resources were Scan Computers International with their full motor racing simulator, Clever Blocks with their coding for robots and Amazing Interactive with their ISportsWall. It was also nice to catch up with companies that we have had a long association with as a school. Net Support interviewed our children about their experiences at BETT and also sponsored our trip, 2 Simple demonstrated all their new features and gave our children lots of freebies and Now Press Play have kindly agreed to offer us a huge discount for our subscription in the future.
Our Digital Leaders had a fantastic time exploring BETT and looking at all the technology that will very soon be a feature of classrooms and schools up and down the country. They also really enjoyed the benefits of being polite and engaging by bagging themselves lots of ‘free stuff’ along the way.
After a busy day at BETT where a lot of walking and talking were done, staff and children were then treated to lunch at the Theatre Café and then were able to enjoy a performance of ‘Frozen the Musical’ at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. The following morning, after some well-deserved sleep, staff and children from both schools did a bit of London sightseeing of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, before making their way back home on the train to Tamworth. Our children were brilliantly well behaved and everyone had a really interesting and enjoyable two days.

Mr Coleman

Hi everyone!

Last time you saw us doing our Digital Leaders work was on Safer Internet Day where we shared some online safety messages about being kind online. Can you remember the ideas we shared to keep ourselves safe online?

We have a big surprise coming to Birchwood. It is an Oti-bot! You might remember us telling you about it after TTS came to see us. We were excited about Oti-bot after our visit to TTS and were super excited when Mr Coleman said we could get one! Oti-bot can help us with all different subjects and can show all emotions: happy, sad, angry, confused and excited. He can be controlled with an app so we hope you have been learning lots about algorithms to help you control Oti-bot. We can't wait to show him to you!

Stay Safe!

From the Year 4 Digital Leaders