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2023 - 2024
Mrs Smith/Miss Wise - Class Teachers

Mrs Hooper/Mrs Sullivan/Mrs Amvrosiadis - Teaching Assistants

Autumn 2
Why Do Squirrels Hide Their Nuts?
On Tuesday 28th November Acorn class went on quite an adventure during their Forest School session. Exploring areas of the school they had never been to previously. They spoke about directions and how to move in different ways with commands - forward, backwards and side to side and played a trust game with their peers to demonstrate these movements. One child was tasked with closing their eyes and their partner gave a command direction just like they rehearsed.
After this they looked at how they would move around a map or maze as per the Computing curriculum. They gathered different autumn treasures to help them develop a code to make instructions with their partners. Acorn class remembered that an algorithm is a specific set of instructions and helped each other around the area.
We  finished the session with a physical game of pirates and treasure, and just look at the lovely fun and learning that took place.
Today the children in Acorn class used a Prat Whole model to help them combine 2 different amounts. They worked with their talk partners and experimented in many ways. 
Pippa, 'Three and Three make six altogether.'
Calum explained to his partner, 'If one part is 5 and the other is one, it's six altogether.'
Children were praised for their conversations and use of star words.
Acorn Class enjoyed their Forest School session on Tuesday 14th November. They were introduced to the areas within our woodland such as the castle, mud kitchen, bug hotel and fairy land. They also practised safe movement around the Forest School site learning about the need for walking, looking and listening. After that they completed a special job for the 'Little People' who reside in the woodlands.  The activity required them to look for natural patterns within the area on trees, leave and objects. They then collected a range of natural materials to create their own patterns for crowns. Children were using their pattern finding skills to notice the sequences of repetition and accurately used prediction to what may come next in the pattern. They were challenged to correct any mistakes in their patterns by discussing the repetition with their class mates.  Just look at the wonderful time they had and the hard work they produced.
As part of Maths week, Acorn Class learned about the mathematician and scientist Sir Isaac Newton.  They had great fun investigating gravity, before applying what they had learned to help them understand what happens when we use weighing scales to find out which objects are heavier or lighter than others.
We started the week investigating gravity and whether balls stay in the air when thrown or bounced. This was to check the theory of gravity at work.
Frankie exclaimed, 'Gravity makes the balls stay on the ground and not float in the air.'
Cooper said, 'There is no gravity on the moon so it makes you float, good job we aren't testing the balls there we would lose them!'
Later in the week children worked with a partner to select classroom objects to weigh.  They used their star maths words to say whether their object was heavier or lighter than their partners.
Elijah predicted, 'I predict it will go down as mine is heavier.' And just look at that smile when he was correct!
The last part of the week, the children went on to predict which of three identical sized pots, filled with different materials / objects, would be heavier than the others.
Ava-Everleigh said, 'I think the sand is heavier.  It feels it.'
As a class we then had a democratic vote to test gravity with two of the same sized pots. They were dropped at the same time. But before this was done the children had to predict whether the heavier pot would drop first. Children chose different sides of the room to stand and wait to see if their prediction was correct. 3 children predicted correctly and then we all spoke about it and had a go.
What a lovely week Maths week has been.
Acorn class really enjoyed their first Forest School session on Tuesday 7th November.  We were set a challenge by Mr Jackson, the school Caretaker. He sent us a letter to tell us all about the problems he was having with things making a big mess on the school playground. We went on a walk to investigate. To our amazement we found the things he wrote about were the signs of Autumn. This prompted us to start collecting what we could see, discussing colours, shapes and the scents. We mixed them together to make a truly amazing Autumn potion.
Autumn 1
We All Belong Here
Acorn class have been on a square hunt! With talk partners they explored the classroom looking high and low to match their square with the squares in the room. Active maths and lots of giggles. We used all our star words such as sides, vertices and equal lengths while exploring.

On Wednesday 10th October Reception classes had a surprise visit from Polesworth Fire Service. Firefighter Mark, John and even Firefighter Sam. They drove down in their truck and explained all of their emergency equipment and how they use it to save lives and help people in need. It was so exciting and informative; we got to ask questions and even had a go on the special firehose! 

This week we began our new Key Text Goldilocks and the Three Bears. To showcase this, children were introduced to Now Press Play, an interactive storytelling device with headphones. They had to listen and respond to the instructions and as you can see, they all fully enjoyed this immersive experience! Can you see in the photos when we had to become scary bears or eat up all the porridge as Goldilocks did!
On Thursday 28th September we had a visit from Road Safety Officer Alice and her friend Warwick the Bear.  Through story, song and interactive activities we were taught key road safety messages. We were introduced to the safe behaviours of holding hands with a trusted adult, stopping before the kerb and looking and listening for traffic.  
This week we experienced the interactive resource Now Press Play within the classroom. All children were given headphones and listened to a set of instructions and a story. They then used their imaginations to act out the movements. This was a brilliant and interesting imagination provoking experience. It helped them to secure understanding of the story of the Three Little Pigs and recap the value of 3 from our maths learning.
We have begun our maths learning in such a fun and informative way. Each day we get involved in a maths session learning to subitise, count, chant, recognise numerals and extend our mathematical vocabulary. This half term we are looking at Early maths experiences and numbers to 6. Look at some of the wonderful mathematical learning we have participated in, inside and outside the classroom environment and outside.

Starting school can be really exciting but also quite nerve-racking for not just the children but for their grown-ups at home. We hope you enjoy looking at some photos of the children’s first few days and weeks at Birchwood. They have been learning new routines and school rules, meeting important people in school, making friends and getting to know our school. The children have been exploring all the areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage and teachers have been getting to know their unique characteristics of learning. What a lot of fun we have all had trying new things and making new memories that we hope will last a lifetime.