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Author Visit - Amy Wilson

'Today we met Amy Wilson, a talented author, who has written numerous books such as Snowglobe, A Girl Called Owl and A Far Away Magic.  She also gave us some top tips on writing and that you don't have to get great grades at school to become a famous author.  Then she asked us to ask her some questions on how she got her inspiration for her books and other things.  So altogether, it was a fun and interesting experience,'
James F
'Today we met an author called Amy Wilson.  She spoke to us about her childhood and her daily life of being an author.  When she was younger she wasn't that confident at school and that gave her an idea to put in one of her books,'
Isabelle B
'Amy Wilson believes in magic.  She has three children and one dog,'
'We met Amy Wilson and she spoke to us about if magic was real or not, and if you had a super power what would yours be.  Mine would be teleportation.
What would you choose?'
'Amy Wilson told us about what inspired her to write her books.  She also asked us about what super powers we would really want if we had them.  Some people chose invincibility and invisibility, but in my head I was thinking about having the power to shoot webs,'
James W