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Going Green at Birchwood

Going Green at Birchwood
Our recycling at Birchwood is going really well. Here is a reminder of the items we are collecting at present: 
  • Used batteries (collection boxes have been sent home) 
  • Spectacles
  • Used Ink Cartridges
  • Clothing (on behalf of Warwickshire Air Ambulance)
  • Mobile Phones
  • Food Waste—producing bio-energy
Our rooted Christmas Tree ‘Tiny Tim’ now has pride of place in our garden at the front of the school.
This week I was invited to assembly to watch a presentation by Korlie about the impact of single use plastic on the environment. It is lovely to see our children so passionate about our planet and the world around them. Korlie’s persuasive speech certainly made you think… I for one will think twice before purchasing anything in plastic packaging!
We are pleased to say that our new food waste recycling bins have now arrived and we have started to use them.
Our Christmas Tree also arrived this week. This will be up in school from next week. Each year our tree is given a name, last year it was Trudy, the year before it was Trevor….. Watch this space for the name this year!
We promised last week that our next recycling item would be about batteries. Today each child has been sent home with a ‘Big Battery Hunt’ collection box for used batteries. The box contains instructions on what to do and also contains important safety instructions. Please ensure you follow the instructions given to avoid any risk of harm. The box is to recycle AAA, AA, C and D batteries. Once the box is full this can be returned to school and emptied into the main battery recycling box. There is a mini puzzle on the box and the box can be coloured in by children if they wish to.
We look forward to seeing how many batteries we can collect over the next few months.
Wow what a first week we have had! Well done to everyone who has brought in batteries for recycling. We now have 4 full tubs and have arranged our first collection. Keep collecting and bringing your used battery boxes in.
Did you know we also collect old spectacles, which get sent out to third world countries? So, if you were wondering what to do with your old frames and lenses… bring them to Birchwood!
Together, we can help give the gift of improved vision to others.