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Rhythmicity Workshop with Reception and Year 6

Music makes an important contribution to the life of school and we feel it should be celebrated, promoted and encouraged. It helps build pupils’ self-esteem and self-discipline and research shows it actually leads to higher standards across the curriculum.

As well as developing musical knowledge and skills, children also learn how to work together, and build life skills such as concentration, empathy and problem solving through their learning in music. Music also requires a huge amount of discipline, right from the start when children learn when to play and when to stop or when to sing and when not to! Mrs Fiu supports our music provision across school, spending time in all year groups throughout the year, as well as delivering a range of after school activities in music.

Within the curriculum, Music enables young people to express themselves like no other medium. It empowers them to shape their world through sound and allows them to exercise their imaginations. Encouraging creativity also teaches them to think outside the box when problem solving. To succeed in the future, children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative, and music will help.

Music is inclusive irrespective of abilities and gives children a unique motivation to participate and communicate. When we speak to our children about their learning in music one of the first things they tell us about is that it is just great fun to learn.

Visiting musicians in school are an important part of the memorable experiences in music. This week we welcomed Rhythmicity to work with children from Reception and Year 6 in drumming workshops. Experiencing live music and being able to take part is really vital for children’s musical development and something we value as part of our wider musical experiences.

 Mrs Day

Associate Headteacher