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Sports Day

On Monday we all enjoyed a great day of sporting activity. We held our annual Sports Day on our school field and were blessed with a sunny day, but at times, a cold wind. We experienced record crowds of parents, grandparents and supporters of school, who came to cheer on all of our pupils.
In the morning Lower School pupils experienced a carousel of 6 different activities including space hoppers, obstacle race, egg and spoon, sack race and sprinting. At each station the children had ten minutes to go through each of their events. Each class were brilliantly supported by a group of enthusiastic parents and grandparents, who moved around from activity to activity with them. At the end of a warm morning, the children were all helped to cool down as ice-lolly pops, kindly donated by our PTA ‘Team Birchwood’, were handed out to the children after break time.
In the afternoon it was the turn of the Upper School children to show off their sporting prowess. After the success of last year’s Sports Day, we kept the location of the Upper School Sports Day on our own school field. This provided a more intimate feel and ensured that parents and pupils were all closer to the action, as well as providing a flatter running surface. We also continued with the Year Group Boys, Girls and Mixed sprint relay races. As this year’s Sports Day ran so smoothly and we had some time to spare at the end, we are going to add two new events (space hoppers and basketball bounce) that pupils could sign up for next year, we are also going to increase the sprint relays to 6 in a team. I hope that this will enable all children to take part in more events next year.
The relay races for the afternoon included sprint, skipping, sack race, bat and ball, hoops, obstacle, quoits, football and egg and spoon. I am not sure the fur coats and woolly hats used in the clothes race were suitable for the weather conditions, but luckily our children were running so fast that they did not have them on for long! The children competed brilliantly and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. After a very hard fought competition the final results were as follows:
1st place and winner of the House Sports Day trophy - Chaytor House with 180 points.
2nd - Goodere House with a score of 169 points.
3rd - Chetwynd House with a score of 117 points.
4th – Morris House with a score of 110 points.
Sports Days take a lot of organising prior to the event and on the day. My special thanks goes to Miss Noctor and Miss Norton, for organising and running the Lower School event and to Mrs Atkins, Mrs Clarke and Miss Stubbs for the Upper School event. Thanks to everyone who turned out to support our Sports Days. I hope you all enjoyed them as much as we did.
Neil Coleman Headteacher