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Young Voices

Young Voices
Today saw our much anticipated Young Voices concert at the Genting Arena with over 50 of our pupils getting the opportunity to show off their singing skills as part of a choir of over 6000 children. After rehearsing their vocal performance and dance moves in school since September, it was a fantastic opportunity, including the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a live band.
As any of the children who have been to this event will tell you, there is nothing like the moment the lights go down and they realise they are finally ‘on stage’. The atmosphere is incredible and the musical skills the children learn as part of the process both leading up to and during the concert are vast. For example, this year we have learnt to sing in 2 and 3 part harmony as well as in unison.
This year saw the return of Tony Hadley as a guest singer, and he was joined by The Shires who were equally superb. Thank you to all the children for their hard work and to all those parents and staff who kindly volunteered to help on the day. It was another wonderful event.
Mrs Day
Associate Headteacher