Faith - Chaytor House Captain 2019-2020
Isabella - Chaytor House Captain 2018-2019
Chaytor, wouldn't you like to win this year? Well with me as your house captain, I will do everything in my power to achieve it.  Success, ultimate success.  Well if you want that, vote for me ISABELLA as your house captain.  I am supportive and I will carry us to first place, even when we struggle.  I promise to the the best I can be.
If I was your house captain, I will be a very supportive and reliable person.  I will always support you when you are sad and when you need some help, I will be there.
If you vote for me, I will be a great leader and take you to VICTORY and show you whatt constant winning feels like.  In the past I have done cross country and I have done athletics, and the victory win tastes sooo good.  Even if we come in second place, it doesn't matter, at least we have participated.
As your house captain, I will lead you all through the year in all of our school activities and paper activities, like sports day and house competitions.  PS.  I am very competitive.
As you know, our school rule is 'consideration' and as some of you already know, I am very considerate and I think so are all of you.
Well thank you for listening to me and don't forget - vote for me ISABELLA.  I would really like it if you vote for me.  It would send me over the moon.  

House Competition Results End of 2017-2018


House Points Total - 51 House Points.

Second Place Overall


Dylan - Chaytor House Captain 2017-2018
I wanted to become a House Captain as I have always looked up to them ever since Reception.  Now I want other people to look up to me.  I also wanted to be able to give people certificates for good behaviour.
My proudest achievement was when I played on the Leicester Tigers Rugby pitch and saw my best friend score a try there.
My favourite food is a roast dinner, my favourite subject is PE and my favourite sport is Rugby.
Chaytor at Sports Day 2016