Grace - Chetwyn House Captain 2019-2020
Layton - Chetwynd House Captain 2018-2019

My motto is victory, ultimate victory.


Good afternoon boys, girls and teachers.  My name is Layton and I believe that if you were to make me your house captain, I would lead Chetwynd to victory.  Like many of you, I didn’t start my Birchwood journey in Reception, I started in Year 3.  I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for making me feel so welcome.  Now it’s my turn to help you.  I have a passion for working hard and my dream is to take us further.  Success is what we will try to achieve.  Success, ultimate success.


I strongly believe that if you were to make me house captain, I would be great because I’m competitive and I love working with teachers and children, and listening to their ideas.


I want to represent this school in the best way I can.  I will lead us so that together we can try to improve this school.  I understand I have to give up my time but I’m willing to do that.


I think that a house captain’s job is to set an example for younger students, especially through our one word school rule ‘consideration’.  I’m a friendly and considerate person so if you’re looking for a friendly and considerate person, then I’m your guy.


To close my speech for today, you should remember to make me your house captain. I’ll finish off by wishing the other competitors good luck. 


Vote for me Layton!



House Competition Results End of 2017-2018


House Points Total - 48 House Points.

Third Place Overall


Louis - Chetwynd House Captain 2017-2018
I wanted to be a House Captain because I wanted the extra responsibility.  I also wanted to be a House Captain because I wanted to help my House to be better at winning the House Competitions.
My proudest achievement in school is becoming a House Captain and winning my first competition.  My proudest achievement out of school is being asked to play for Tamworth Academy.
I love football and also love riding my bike and making things.  I am very creative.
Chetwynd at Sports Day 2016