Bobbie - Goodere House Captain 2019-2020
Frankie - Goodere House Captain 2018-2109

Hi, I’m Frankie.  I bet you’re wondering why do I want to be house captain? Well YOU Goodere want to be champions, ultimate champions ….. and that’s what I’m going to give you.


To be a house captain you need to be well organised, supportive, a team player and a good listener.  I’m all of these qualities of a person.  Being well organised will help me to be a house captain because I will be on time to help Mr Coleman.  I am very supportive.  9 out of 10 people will realise that I cheer on our team, even if we fail, EVEN if we fall, we CAN do it.


If you vote for me I’ll: 


  • be there if you are sad, lonely or just need someone to talk to;
  • get the school council to beg Mr Coleman to FINALLY let us have a pyjama or a pet day.


Everyone knows our playground is looking a little boring so let’s spice it up a bit with playground equipment, but first we need to prove we are worthy.   Or we could go in the other direction and work hard for a school pet, a guinea pig or perhaps a rabbit.


Obviously amazing children like you will know that a great house captain needs to be determined and must always remember our one word school rule ‘CONSIDERATION!’  Vote for me and I’ll do just that.


Of course, we are all different ages from 4 all the way to 11 but we can still claim victory, ultimate victory.  I bet you younger children are wondering how we grew up to be this tall? One day one of you will become house captain but until then, enjoy your school life.  If I win it’ll be worth it!


You can rely on me to 100% try to put a smile on your faces.


I am beginning to conclude my speech.  I just wanted to say good luck to everyone and thank you for listening



House Competition Results End of 2017-2018


House Points Total - 52 House Points.

First Place Overall


Matthew - Goodere House Captain 2017-2018
I wanted to be a House Captain because since Year 1 I have wanted to represent my House.  Also I have always wanted to be a leader and to help the school make positive changes.
My proudest achievement in school would definitely be becoming House Captain, along with my best friend Dylan who is House Captain for Chaytor.  Out of school my proudest achievement would be playing rugby at my favourite club ground and scoring a try.
My favourite sport in Motocross.  Members of my family do it too including my brother.  My dream would be to become a Motocross rider but if that doesn't happen I want to have my own Sportswear business.
Goodere at Sports Day 2016