Callum -  Morris House Captain 2019-2020
Holly - Morris House Captain 2018-2019
Hello there marvellous Morris.  My name is Holly.  Why do I want to be your house captain?  Well let me tell you why.
I would love to be a house captain because I am very kind and I love to help people.  I just can’t stop thinking about being a house captain.  I really want you to vote for me.
I always love to play football and score goals.  I’m the only girl that plays football.
I will welcome the new members of Birchwood and make them feel happy.  I always have a good conversation with them.  I listen to them because they listen to me.
I know we may not win every sports day and every battle, but we can try as a team.  We will have to try and win because I’m sure you want your TROPHY.  I love the colour blue and I hope you do too.  We have an amazing mascot for Morris.  A MONSTER with googly eyes that dangle.
Thank you for listening to my speech and please vote for me!


House Competition Results End of 2017-2018


House Points Total - 43 House Points.

Fourth Place Overall


Ellie - Morris House Captain 2017-2018
I wanted to be House Captain because I wanted to help my House become the best it could be.  As well as this, I wanted to be a House Captain since the very first time I got to vote.  It inspired me, seeing the joy on the winners' faces as they walked up to the front of the hall.  I wanted to feel the same way they did.
My proudest achievement was receiving my House Captain Badge and getting a big round of applause as I walked to the front of the hall.  Personally my biggest achievement was learning to ski.  The first time I wore skis I was the smallest one in the group.
In my spare time I like to go skiing and I am now learning to snowboard.  As well as this I like playing video games and FaceTiming my friend Emma.
Morris at Sports Day 2016