Road Safety Council

Welcome to our Road Safety Council!

At Birchwood Primary School we place a huge emphasis on Road Safety as part of our PSHE learning.

We have good links with the Warwickshire Road Safety Club who regularly come in to our school to support teaching and learning across all year groups.

In addition, our Junior Road Safety Officers also help to create a whole school community aspect when raising awareness on how to be safe around roads. 

Warwickshire Road Safety Club have launched a new animation for Warwickshire primary schools, focusing on the key message to 'Be Bright, Be Seen'.

The key message – make sure traffic can see you at all times – is reinforced by showing pedestrians and cyclists wearing reflective and fluorescent clothes.

At Birchwood, the Road Safety Officers work hard thinking up exciting ways to inform both children and parents on simple and easy ways to stay safe during the winter months. Our 'Glow Day' was a great success!

Glow Day 2020!
In October, we decided to hold our very own Glow Day to share awareness around the key Road Safety message 'Be Bright, Be Seen'. 
Children were invited to come into school in their brightest clothes and enjoyed a variety of activities linked to our key theme for the day. 
With the nights getting dark a lot earlier and children still wanting to be outside and getting fresh air, we wanted to ensure that we were doing so in a sensible and safe way.
We discussed key messages around how to cross the road safely, where to cross the road and how bright clothes are key in the Winter months.