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Parents Evenings - 8.3.22 & 9.3.22

Online Booking for Parents Evening (face to face or virtual)
Our Spring Term Parents Evenings will take place on Tuesday 8th March 2022 from 4.30 – 8.00 p.m. and Wednesday 9 th March 2022 from 3.20 – 6.00 p.m. Appointments on Tuesday 8th from 7 pm onwards and Wednesday 9th from 5.10 pm onwards will be remote through Zoom. All earlier appointments will be face to face in school. Please make your booking through our e-schools online system. If you choose a virtual appointment option, you will be sent a link for joining the meeting.
Here is a reminder of how to book a time slot:
1) Log into eSchools with your parent username and password provided by the school previously.
2) From the blue navigation bar, select 'Parents Evening'.
3) You should now see the parent's evening event. Please click the blue 'View event bookings' button.
4) You will now be presented with a page which lists all of your children. To book an appointment for your child, click on their name and then 'book/view'.
5) Select which appointment you would like to book and click 'Save'.
6) You can then download a list of your appointments by clicking the 'Generate report' button at the top. As time is limited we ask that parents book only one appointment per child. If this causes any problems, then please discuss this with your child’s class teacher.
The booking window will open at 9 am today and close at 4.30 pm on Monday 4 th March 2022. Please ensure you book a slot for each of your children in school. Please remember to leave a suitable gap between appointments. If you have any problems then speak to the office staff who will assist you.